10 Interesting Facts about the Kingfisher Towers

If you’re considering buying an apartment at the Kingfisher Towers, look at the Prestige Kingfisher Towers. These are luxurious towers in UB city, Bangalore. If this interests you, check out more amazing facts about these.

Fact 1: Prestige Group

Prestige Group is the most premium residential development in Bangalore City. Developed by Prestige Group and founded by Razack Sattar in 1986, it is one of the biggest property development companies in South India. The Prestige Group also developed other properties in Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Mysore, and Udaipur. Project Group has come a long way from its origin that initiated a retail business. It has completed 192 projects that cover around 64 million square feet. Most of these projects include commercial offices, apartments, shopping malls, villas, hotels, golf courses, retail, and leisure & hospitality. Kingfisher Towers is one of these. This tower is owned 55% by UBHL, while the rest by Prestige Group. 

Fact 2: What it consists of

The Prestige Kingfisher Tower is a high-rise residential apartment. It consists of 3 Towers of 34 floors each. There are exclusive apartments on every floor, covering an area of 8321 sq. ft. It also includes a private lift lobby. In addition to this, the project also provides a magnificent view of the UB City, Cubbon Park, and other breathtaking views of the city. Apart from this, this tower includes five luxury bedroom flats with an area of 8321 sq. ft. with a separate lift lobby, service lift area, and exclusive access to the amenities, including clubhouse, swimming pool, and gymnasium. Moreover, each residence enjoys five car parks. 

The project is designed with unique architectural techniques encompassing its notorious roofline. It also offers various facilities like a clubhouse, swimming pool, and tennis courts. Additional project features include large balconies for each unit entailing views of Cubbon park, UB city, Museum, and other surrounding areas.

Fact 3: Apartments begin from the five floors and up

The apartments initiate from the fifth floor with additional worth for each floor as you move up. The two floors of the basement and the first four floors are reserved for car parking.

Fact 4: Backstory of its location

Kingfisher Towers are built on used to liquor baron Vijay Mallya’s ancestral home. Covering 4.5-acre land, the project has 81 apartments covering three blocks. The penthouse on the top two floors belongs to Mallya. However, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) attached Mallya’s properties worth Rs 6,630 crore, seizing his farmhouse, flats, and FDs in 2016. 

Fact 5: It’s an extension of UB city

Its high worth is because it is an extension of UB City, a luxury business district consisting of six main blocks: UB Tower, Kingfisher Plaza, Concorde, Canberra, Comet, and the Kingfisher Towers. 

Fact 6: Vijay Mallya had a secret entrance there

There are five points of entry. However, only two are commonly used by the residents. Vijay Mallya used to enter through a separate entry from Vittal Mallya Road adorned on one side by a 39,000 square feet private garden leading to his private lobby with a private lift. However, his lift led to his penthouse. Also, he had a car parking area that could accommodate 100 cars and another designated area to showcase his collection of vintage cars.

Fact 7: Two apartments sold for Rs 35 crore

For an estimate, two apartments in the posh Kingfisher Towers had been sold for Rs 35 crore each, bought by Amit Chawla, the Chief executive of Reward 360, and an anonymous CEO of a city-based pharmaceutical supplier. Currently, per-sq. Ft. rate for apartments in this tower is around Rs 41,420. 

Fact 8: It made headlines when it was announced

Kingfisher Towers made headlines for being the most expensive and luxurious project in the city. Times of India was the first one regarding Vijay Mallya demolishing his ancestral home for his ultra-luxury 34 story project.

Fact 9: Millionaire egos modified the construction

The initial plan for this tower had been different. However, millionaires did not agree with having different sizes of apartments for status matters.

Fact 10: Kingfisher Towers buyers tend to be CEO’s

Since most of those who buy or rent apartments at the Kingfisher Towers are CEOs, investors, and end-users who want to retire at the tower, the high prices are no shock. 

More on the royal towers? The spacious homes are built on an average area of 8321 square feet with special specifications of materials, technology, and finishes. The fundamental core of Prestige Kingfisher Tower’s success is its brand value that calls for its ultra-luxury design and construction standards. The more you know, the more amazed you will be.