Ngolo Kante Wife – Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & Much More

Jude Littler is the wife of the famous football player Ngolo Kante, who plays for Chelsea. Jude Littler comes from a middle-class British family. After going through the article, people who do not know Jude Littler will get to know her thoroughly. She is also the ex-wife of Djibril Cissé, a famous French footballer. Please read the full report to find out all about Jude Littler, from who he is to what he does. Jude Littler is an amazing woman with a good personality. It has a good height of inches (165 cm) and weighs 55 kg. Jude has nice blond hair and green eyes.

Jude Littler’s Education

Jude Littler’s statement is currently under review, so stay tuned for more. As far as we know, Jude Littler graduated from high school in her hometown, but there is no information on whether she enrolled in university. We believe he studied at university, but his specialization is still unknown.

Jude Littler’s Professional career

Jude Littler was a hairdresser before meeting Djibril Cissé. After dating a former Liverpool ace, he quit his job. Jude Littler is currently a successful businesswoman with millions in her bank account.

Jude Littler’s net worth

As for Jude Littler’s net worth, you may be surprised. Jude Littler’s net worth is approximately $2 million. You may also be interested in the net worth of Djibril Cissé and N’Golo Kante. Djibril Cissé’s net worth is estimated at more than $ 35 million. He made most of his wealth as a football player.

The children of Jude Littler

Jude Littler has three children from a previous marriage to Djibril Cisse. In 2006, Jude Cassius gave birth to Clay Cissé. Two years later, in 2008, Jude and Djibril welcomed their son, Prince Kobe Cissé. In 2010, Jude gave birth to Marley Jackson Cissé.

Jude Littler’s social networks

Jude Littler is not a typical WAG who shares his life with his followers. Jude does not use social networks. Jude Littler is not on Instagram. They prefer to spend time focusing on their business and children than browsing social networks.

Jude Littler became known when she married a famous French footballer. Djibril Cisse. Jude Littler married Djibril Cissé on December 18, 2004. Their wedding was a private wedding that took place at a hotel castle in the United Kingdom (Denbighshire). Only their loved ones were invited to the wedding.

Jude Littler has three children named Djibril Cissé (Marley Jackson Cisse, Cassius Clay Cisse, Prince Kobe Cisse). The name of her first child is Cassius Clay Cissé, born in 2006, her second child’s name is Prince Kobe Cissé, born in 2008, and her third child’s name is Marley Jackson Cissé, born in 2010. Jude Littler and Djibril Cissé were together for almost seven years but recently decided to separate, and the two divorced in 2010.

Prior to her marriage to Djibril Cissé, Jude Littler worked as a hairdresser, but after marrying Djibril Cissé, she resigned and became a housewife. After divorcing her husband Djibril Cisse in 2010, Jude Littler started her own business. She is currently a successful entrepreneur who earns millions a month and has a good bank account.

Jude Littler has been under controversy for some time over children’s races. Jude told the news channel that he felt his children were not safe. That’s why they protect their children so much. She said her children were being attacked because of the color of their skin and were also abused. She also said that her ex-husband would not protect their children at all. She was also in the news about her public comments about her sex life, but she later got her words back.

Jude Littler hails from a middle-class family, but after his marriage to Djibril Cissé, his life changed. Before marrying Djibril Cissé, she worked as a hairdresser. Jude and her husband divorced in 2010 and have been in business since then and have not returned since. Today, she proves to be a responsible mother and a successful businesswoman who has a good bank account and earns millions a month. Even after many settlements, it is an inspiration to many women around the world. It has a net worth of $2million.


N’Golo Kante’s net worth is about $23 million, he earns about $7 million a year, and his weekly salary is 146,341 euros. Despite being a millionaire, N’Golo Kante is the humblest person we know because he doesn’t drive the expensive car of a typical football player but a Mini Cooper.