Where is Byron Yawn now?

Byron Yawn is not only a former pastor but also a well-known entrepreneur. He is famously known as the CEO of “Forrest Crain and Co.” This is a consulting company in Tennessee. Even though his exact date of birth is unknown, it has been estimated that he was born between 1976-1981 in Mississippi in the United States. Before knowing him more, let’s dive into his recent scandals and lawsuits.

Accusation and lawsuits

He became viral when the famous baseball player Ben Zobrist in Chicago filed not one but two lawsuits against him. These lawsuits claimed that he had an affair with his wife, Julianna Zobrist. He was also accused of fraud entailing Zobrist’s charity. 

Two-times World Series champion Ben Zobrist took four months of leave from the Chicago Cubs during 2019, so he could resolve his marriage problems. Since he lost $8 million for that season, he claimed to seek $6 million in damages from Byron. Thereby, this is how the connection between the damages and affair was made in the court.

Ben and Julianna had been married since 2005. They also have three children. Nonetheless, Zobrist found out about the alleged affair in June of 2020. Due to this, he filed the case and pressed the charges against Byron. The fundamental reasons for pressing charges also include more reasons given below.

Ben had donated a huge sum of money to the Community Bible Church, in which Byron was the pastor. He also paid $15,000 to Byron’s family for a pastoral trip as per some news outlets. 

Not only this, but the lawsuit also claims that Byron often capitalized on the celebrity’s fame. This is due to him asking Ben to sign autographs for his family members, including his mother-in-law. He also requested Ben for the tickets to baseball games apart from asking him to host a ‘Guys Night Out’ for the church at his house. Moreover, he asked Mr. Zobrist for personal videos for parishioners being baptized at his church. Not only this, but he also nominated the baseball player as the deacon of the church. This can be linked to the reason for the attraction and retention of parishioners.

Julianna claimed that Ben was guilty

After Ben filed the suit, Julianna accused him of being guilty of their failed marriage. However, this claim is absurd, as per Ben’s attorney Helen S. Roger. She says that the affair had caused Ben mental distress. She also mentioned that Julianna coaxed Ben to return to the MLB when he was not ready for it. The lawyer claimed that the cheating of Mrs. Zobrist also affected Mr. Zobrist’s career growth and prospects.

As per reports, Julianna is after the 2016 World Series MVP and two-time World Series champion for USD 4 million. Nonetheless, Ben took a hiatus after the affair since it impacted his mental health negatively, causing him to lose $8 million. This is because he signed a $12 million deal while playing for only two months.

After the case had been filed, Julianna filed a claim of owning at least half of the assets. Yet, Ben is arguing for a 60-40 split of assets since Julianna had overspent their estate by at least $691,602.86.

Moving towards Byron’s personal details, his education details are not disclosed yet. However, it is known that he did BA in History and Doctorate in Public Communication from Mississippi College.

Current relationship status

Byron is currently married to his high school lover, Robin Yawn. Even though their exact date of marriage has not been revealed, it is known that they have three children together, Lauren, Wade, and Blake. His wife now knows about the affair. She works at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Neuromuscular Division, as a Nurse Case Manager.

His body measurements

Byron is 5 feet 8 inches (172.72 cm) tall. He weighs around 75 kg (165 lbs). Apart from this, his body measurements are 44-32-19 inches. The color of his eyes is dark brown, which is the same color as his hair. He is said to be a fit person since he exercises regularly.

Net Worth

It has been estimated that his net worth is valued at around $2 to $3 million. This huge sum of money is deemed to come through his own business. Even though we are not aware of his social media handles as of yet, we will try our best to update you regarding this as soon as possible.