Reality Shifting Methods for Beginners! Genz Manifestation

Reality change is a process in which we guide our consciousness according to our imagination to change our destiny or manipulate it to cross our physical boundaries through mental relaxation and autosuggestion. The understanding of time is no longer linear here; it is a circular ring that is infinite and involves parallel realities that coexist. With this belief, people can use this meditative exercise to explore areas of existence that can be imaginary or non-imaginary and experience them exactly as they do in their current reality.

Raven’s method

Raven’s method of changing reality is to lie down comfortably in a star position and ensure that none of your limbs touch the other. Make sure your body is relaxed and relaxed and that you are at rest. The goal is to constantly count and visualize that you are getting closer and closer to the desired reality. Once you fall asleep and successfully shift your consciousness according to what you have manifested, you are likely to wake up in a parallel world of your choice.

Pillow method

Instead of just a mental picture of what you want to manifest in the desired reality, this method suggests having a complete physical scenario. This scenario can include the names of all the characters you want to see or meet, the string of events you want to experience, and even details such as smells and tastes that can be specified in your scenario. The goal is to place this piece of paper under the pillow before bed or rest and then use this guide to focus on what you want to attract as you move.

Heart rate method

The Heartbeat relocation method uses the power of repetitive, buzzing, and vibrating sounds, such as a heartbeat. The goal is to sleep with the headphones or phone plugged in under a pillow with the sound of a beating heart. The next step is to visualize this sound coming from the chest of a person you trust or want to connect with within your dream world.

Giulia method

Julia’s method of change depends on two words, “I am,” for the whole process. Binaural beats can be used to stimulate the dream state during the process. In a star-like position, start the mantra with the prefix “I am.” Add something to describe the mantra even more meaningfully. Let these mantras be present as if what you are saying has already happened.

ADHD method

While with other methods, the sound is optional. For the ADHD relocation method, the sound is a must. Make sure you are using the correct headphones and look for 8D audio tracks. When you lie down and listen to the sound, choose “I’m going to the desired reality” statements. Try to synchronize your breathing with the sound. After each statement, count from 1 to 5 and repeat. As you synchronize with the sound and affirmation, you will soon begin to feel the symptoms of change. Once the symptoms begin, start visualizing the reality you want to land in, and you’ll be there soon.

Sunni method

The Sunni Displacement method is about visualization. Due to the nature of the method, it is also very close to many people because it helps with manifestation in the physical world. This method involves tricking your brain into thinking you are in a specific situation. It involves convincing your mind by saying that you are already in the desired reality. This can be induced by sounds, perceptions, or simply silence.

Method of intent

This method of changing intention doesn’t place much emphasis on visuals, multiple statements, or any kind of subliminal sound but rather on your mind’s purpose or intent to change. Strong determination and the belief that you can move are enough for the exercise to be effective. However, a key factor to keep in mind is that intention must be thought about or expressed just before falling asleep. For example, you can say: “I intend to move into the desired reality as soon as I fall asleep.” The reason is that the sooner you sleep after setting your goals, the less time your brain has for speculation or doubt.

Estelle method

Estelle’s changing method is suitable for people who love music and can easily combine tones and vibrations. Imagine dancing with your DR character or someone you adore deeply. Choose music that helps you synchronize with the character or person you are dancing with. This person can be your lover, love, friend, or whoever you want. Make sure you feel every sensation in the scene. Air, perfume, and touch.

Mirror method

Moving the mirror method is a visually very broad method. So, this is best for those who are good at visualization. Imagine you are alone in a dark room with a mirror a short distance away. There is only limelight for you. Now slowly move towards the mirror. Inside the mirror, you see your reflection coming toward you. But this reflection shows you exactly how you want your perfect self to be in the dream realm.