AS Gaming UID, Biography Details and More

Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games in India. Free Fire content creators on YouTube have now become quite a few. AS Gaming, also known as Sahil Rana, is one of the popular YouTubers for creating free content, and AS Gaming is from India. Free Fire players across the country are interested in knowing the AS Gaming Free fire ID and its stats. AS Gaming Free Fire ID is 169525329.

Short Biography of AS Gaming

Real Name Sahil Rana
Age 16-23 years old
FF UID 70392909
FreeFire IGN A_S Gaming
Country India
K/D 3.89
Controls 2 Fingure
Current Device iPhone 12 pro max

Social Media Details

YouTube A_S Gaming
Instagram @Sahilrana
2 YouTube Channel A_S Army

AS Gaming has 1039 Booyahs out of 6915 team games played, which equates to a win rate of 15.02%. During these matches, he racked up 17,343 wins and managed a solid K / D ratio of 2.95. YouTuber recorded 5666 kills from 2,122 matches to the duo, which represents an impressive 3.08 K / D ratio. He has secured 281 games, which translates into a commendable win rate of 13.24%.

Finally, in single games, AS Gaming has 180 places in first place out of 1728 games. In this mode, it has eliminated 4,411 enemies and boasts a K / D ratio of 2.85. AS Gaming played 21 team games in season 18 and won 4, securing 41 kills with a K / D ratio of 2.41. Additionally, he played 1 duo match and 8 solo matches. . In the duo match, he only managed to get 1 kill, while in solo matches, he only got one win and collected 30 kills with a K / D ratio of 4.29.

Stats of A_S Gaming

  1. Number of Victories in Squad matches – 1135
  2. Average Damage – 1410
  3. Number of Duo Matches – 2163
  4. Win rate – 15.17%
  5. Number of Kills – 18973
  6. K/D ratio – 2.99
  7. Number of wins in Duo matches – 295
  8. Squad Matches played – 7480
  9. Win rate – 13.63%
  10. Number of Kills in Duo – 5840
  11. K/D ratio – 3.13

AS Gaming Face Reveal

AS Gaming is a well-known Free Fire player and has huge fans on YouTube and other social networks, but he has not yet revealed his real face or her photo on any social network.

Biography of AS Gaming Gamer

AS Gaming’s real name is Sahil Rana. AS Gaming lives in India. Sahil is almost 15-17 years old. From his age, we can estimate that Sahil would be a student from 9-12. Sahil is a player, streamer, and owner of the AS Gaming YouTube channel.

AS Gaming Uid number

AS Gaming’s Uid number is 70392909 and its IGN (in the name of the game) is AS Gaming. She has more than 14.9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and has uploaded more than 654 videos to her YouTube channel.

AS Gaming YouTube channel details

AS Gaming started creating YouTube content as early as January 2019. Since then, it has uploaded a total of 219 videos to its YouTube channel. It has more than 4.61 million subscribers and more than 310 million views combined.

AS Gaming created his YouTube channel on October 26, 2016, but began his YouTube journey on July 4, 2020. In just one year, it has successfully gained over 14.9 million subscribers on its YouTube channel.

AS Gaming Latest video on YouTube

AS Gaming Gamer uploaded nearly 684 videos to their YouTube videos. Sahil has a total of 1 billion video views on her videos on YouTube.

AS Game Views

AS Gaming averages 500,000 – 1.5 million views for each video it uploads. In total, she has over 1 billion video views. Sahil’s estimated daily earnings from YouTube are between $ 500 and $ 1,000. Sahil’s monthly income is between $ 10,000 and $ 50,000. Her net worth is $ 100-200 thousand.