best amp for electronic drumss

Best Amp for Electronic Drums

The Best Amp for Electronic Drums

best amp for electronic drumss

Thousands of manufacturers all promising to give you nothing but the best quality at the most affordable price.  Getting the best amp for electronic drums is good for one to get the best music.

One of the hardest parts of being a musician is choosing the right instruments.

There are plenty of options in the market today. This can make the task of choosing an amplifier for your electric drums impossible.

The amp will make sure that your music is of the best quality and is loud enough to be heard by your audience.

This article will highlight a few of the best amplifiers on the market for both amateurs and professionals. It also has a comprehensive buyers guide that will allow you to understand the best features to look for when buying the best amp for electronic drums.

A Review on the Best Amp for Electronic Drums

1.Roland PM-100 Compact Electronic V-Drum Set Monitor, 80-Watt

Roland PM-100 electronic v-drum monitor, is the ideal solution for your electronic drumming. The amp features a custom full-range speaker and rugged cabinet, making it ideal for producing an expressive V-drum sound.

With this amp, you also can connect other music players for personalized practice sessions. The onboard mixing capacity guarantees that you can hear all the instruments playing along with your drums for a perfect musical experience.

It features separate volume controls to allow you to have full control of what you are playing. In other words, if you are playing multiple instruments, the volume knobs allow you to regulate specific sounds.

Additionally, the 80-watt power guarantees that the amp can comfortably play in any room without overusing electricity. Therefore, the unit will not consume a lot of power but also will provide you with exceptional musical experience.

It also has a unique design, making it an ideal improvement for your small music room.  The unit has a full-width bar handle for easy carriage and movement from one place to the other. The handle also allows you to adjust the amplifier on the floor for better positioning effectively.

Although it has a custom full-range speaker, you can also connect headphones for personalized training. Therefore, when in a room with other people, and you still want to continue practicing, you will comfortably play without interrupting their privacy.

It also features are ergonomic design for durability and stability. Roland is also a reputable brand, and all their musical instruments are covered with a competitive warranty giving you the assurance that the amplifier will serve you for a lifetime.


  • Durable construction
  • Different volume control for efficiency
  • Full-width bar handle for portability
  • Dynamic sound


  • It at times cut off the sound when you play music through Bluetooth



2.  Alesis Strike Amp 12 | 2000-Watt Ultra-Portable Powered Drum Speaker / Amplifier With 12-Inch Woofer

You have taken your time to master a few rhythms when you get those sticks, its time to show off your skills to the world. With Alesis strike, you can personalize your drumming and make your style unique regardless of where you are playing from.

The amplifier is powered by 2000 watts power, which is ideal if you consider shaking the room while you play. The speaker plays loud and clear at all times, thanks to its super high-performance.

Its computerized waveguide ensures to perfectly add specific pieces to the 12-inch low frequency allowing you to snap the cymbals and snare drums with brilliance.

It has two volume knobs at the back, allowing you to customize your sound as you drum effectively. Also, it has the onboard contour EQ control, which filters unwanted noise, hence providing you with pure recreation from the signature tone.

In other words, the amp makes a great addition if you consider recording your sessions as you practice or play in an audience.

The unit has a unique design and super easy to setup. It has a flexible tilt-back cabinet, which can be pole-mounted. Therefore, you can choose to mount it or use it vertically or horizontally like a monitor.

It has a lightweight design for easy movement from one place to the other. So, you don’t have to worry about human resources when you consider playing from a different location.

The XLR output allows you to send your performance to another input device or link to another strike 12 amp. In other words, if you are looking for more power and sound, the amp does not limit you from including other devices to meet your expectations.


  • Easy to connect to other input devices
  • Flexible usability
  • Lightweight construction for maneuverability
  • Customizable sound


  • Slightly overpriced



3. KAT Percussion 50 Watt Amplifier

The KAT percussion digital amplifier allows you to share your drum sound with the world. It is perfect for either studio or small room environments, and it will enable you to experience drumming from a different point of view.

With this amplifier, you are guaranteed the most accurate acoustic response, and your music experience will automatically shift. If you use this amplifier in your recording sessions, your music will sound each drum perfectly to ensure that you don’t confuse your sessions.

It is constructed using durable material that will last longer, hence allowing you to experience quality sound for long. Additionally, the amp has several volume control knobs allowing you to balance whatever instruments you play along. Therefore, you will not experience other instruments overplaying the other, and your drumming will also be perfectly heard.

The amplifier is powered by 50 watts, making it ideal for use even at home while practicing. The low power consumption makes it convenient for you and will not drain your electrical needs. Additionally, the low power consumption means that the amp does not require any special sockets to connect. Therefore, you can simply plug it in anywhere and play your electric drums conveniently.

The unit also has an ergonomic handle allowing you to transport it easily from one place to the other. The handle also makes it possible for you to adjust the amp on the floor to meet your expectations. It is also super lightweight allowing you the confidence of moving it effortlessly.

Although the unit seems small in size, it has a 1/8-inch input that accommodates external music players. It also has an earphone port where you can plug in and experience your drumming exclusively.

If you are playing for a small group, you can also set the amp as the main speaker and will ensure that the sound clarity is on point. It also has an output port where you can connect to other instruments if you are looking for more sound.


  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Ergonomic handle for easy maneuverability
  • Low power consumption
  • Specifically designed for electric drums


  • The volume knobs have no clicks and keep changing



4. ddrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion Amplifier, 50 Watts, Black

Whether you are a seasonal drummer or a regular player, having a quality drum amp comes in handy. It guarantees that you can play your favorite rhythms at any time and from wherever you feel comfortable. The ddrum company specifically designed this unit to perfectly match your needs for drumming, especially when you are off the stage.

However, that does not limit its uses when you are considering to perform at a small gig. The design is perfect and can withstand any challenges in a room for better performances.

If you stay with others, that should not limit your practice sessions thanks to the headphones jack. You can simply plug in and enjoy quiet practicing without disturbing the peace of anyone in the room.

The headphones also can filter any unwanted noise to ensure that you only get quality sound from the instrument you are playing. Therefore, you can comfortably zone out even when others are making stories and perfectly concentrate on practicing. This makes the headphones even more convenient, unlike when playing using the subwoofer.

Also, when playing alongside other instruments, you can correctly plug them in on separate jacks and balance their volume with different volume knobs. Therefore, the unit allows you to listen to perfect music without straining or overhearing one instrument over the others.

The subwoofer has a small tweeter at the top end, which keeps the cymbals and snares cracking brilliant through the session. The main speaker picks the kick and other drums, ensuring that you have a perfect sequence, and your drumming doesn’t sound weird.

The 10″ woofer size guarantees that you can hear every note you play perfectly, hence eliminating possible room for mistakes while playing. The casing is covered with an attractive material, which enhances its appearance and also protects the main body from sudden damages. Additionally, it has an ergonomic handle for easy transportation from one location to the other.


  • Durable construction
  • Noise-canceling headphone port
  • Easy to use


  • For a perfect sound, you must tune the volume high



5. Behringer Eurolive B205D Ultra-Compact 150-Watt PA/Monitor Speaker System

This is all you need to take your need for quality drum sound to the next level. The Behringer Eurolive monitor speaker system is designed uniquely to ensure that it gives you both quality sound and reliable performance. It has a multi-purpose design, which allows you to use it for either recording or small gigs performances.

The unique design allows you to lace the amp anywhere in a room where for perfect listening. It can also be mounted on a mic stand to ensure it directly aims your ears for that quality sound. Therefore, if you have limited space, this unit will fit perfectly in your home.

The speaker is custom engineered to ensure that it not only amplifies the sound but also observes the sound quality. Therefore, when you play your drum, you will hear every piece as it sounds without confusion.

It also features a small tweeter, which perfectly picks the snare and cymbals while the large speaker picks the kick and toms. Therefore, you will not have to deal with the tweeter or speakers failing while in the middle of a performance. It will also save you the cost of repairs to maintain the sound quality.

On the other hand, if you invest in this multi-purpose amplifier from Behringer, you will solve all your needs for speakers when hosting small gigs. It also has the same output ports allowing you to connect to external speakers for powerful sound and reliability. The casing is designed with super high resistance hence making it highly durable.

It has a material cover that protects it from direct exposure to the sun and other weather elements. With time, you can replace the material to keep your amp looking as new for longer.


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality construction
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Ultra-low noise channels


  • Low sound output



6. Roland PM-200 Compact Electronic V-Drum Set Monitor

Roland PM-200 drum monitor amplifier is designed to match any electronic drum kits you might have. With it, you have the power to record your drumming or connect to an external device for enhanced performances.

It has two XLR outputs, which makes it ideal for studio uses or connecting as a monitor speaker on-stage performance. Therefore, it can double up as a home practice kit or on stage monitors when you are participating in a gig. With this device, you are always set for any musical adventure that might come your way.

It also has independent volume controls allowing you to fine-tune every instrument you play independently. Additionally, with different controls, it will enable you to adjust the volumes to your specific room requirements correctly.

Although this amp can be used for small gigs and room parties, it is specially designed for practice sessions. The size is ideal for seated players and has a handlebar at the top for flexible movements. However, you can also use the handle to adjust the device on the floor to meet your specific expectations as you play.

The on and off button is ideally placed to ensure that you don’t accidentally switch it off while in the middle of your performance. Additionally, the device uses 180 watts, giving you an assurance that you will have quality and loud sound for all your needs.

It also has a headphone port where you can plug-in and plays silently without affecting the peace of others in a room.

It also assures you that you can also perform specific rhythms, even once you are yet to master correctly. The good news about this device is that the manufacturers are reputable and quality is an issue that will not be compromised even after years of use.


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable manufacturer’s warranty
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Independent volume controls


  • The woofer is slightly smaller



Things to Consider When Choosing the best Amp for Electronic Drums

There are several things you need to consider when choosing the best amp for electronic drums. While it may seem tempting to just use the amp you have for your guitar or your bass, you should not. These have a low and high frequency that will color the sound instead of producing an input signal. Here are something you must think about when you are choosing an amp.To understand it better one needs to also learn about the best way to amplify electronic drums.


You must consider the amount of power you need to play. If the amp is a persona drum monitor, then you can get an amp, and it will do a good job. However, if you need enough power to play in broad avenues, then a powerful amp is necessary. You need people to hear from you. The amp should have between 50-100 watts and should have an XLR for personal use and 200 watts and above for playing in medium avenues or if your band is loud.


Of course, you will need an amp that you can move around since you will have to take it with you to the places where you will be performing. You must, therefore, looking for one that has all the necessary features, but it is also lightweight enough to allow for easy use.

EQ, Channels and Other Features

You must consider the number of input and output channels that are built-in. In many cases, they have a ¼” stereo drum input, which will allow for more than auxiliary input. These auxiliary inputs are connected to external devices like the percussion pads and should be taken into consideration. The output channels can also come in the forms of CLR lines that give you the balances and noise-free signal flow that you need for your live performances and recordings.

In some cases, you will find an amp that has multi-bands EQ where you can independently adjust it based on the preferences of tuning your sound.  There are extra features that cater to the live settings, which are battery-powered and slanted cabinets, and MP3 and CD features will come as a bonus, especially when jamming with backing songs.


Choosing the right amp for electronic drums is crucial. However, you need to know the features that are important to you. This will guarantee that you buy the best one for your type of music and audience. This list will make it easier for you to know the brands that have the best quality and price in the market.

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