Best Drum Set for Kids

drum sets for kids

Gone are the days when music was only for adults. Today, children are learning to develop their skills and talents while they are still young to improve their chances of getting into the music career at a younger age. Which calls for a search of the best drum set for kids.

It is, therefore, important for both teachers and parents to participate in the growth and nurturing of these talents.

Buying a drum set for your kids is a great challenge, especially when you see all the options the market has to offer.

However, your goal should be to find a drum set that will not only be easy for your child to learn, but that will also allow them to develop skills even as they advance their play.

This article includes 9 of the best kid drumsets on the market and a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will buy the right one for your child.

A Review on the Best Drum Set for Kids

  1. Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Kids/Junior Drum Setbest drum set for kids

Thinking of introducing your child into drumming, Mendini by Cecilio will make a good start. The 5-piece drum set gives your child a realistic drumming experience in a small package.

It comes with a bass drum 16 x 11 inches, 10-inches crash cymbal, 12 x10 inches floor tom, 10×5 inches tom-toms, 10×6 inches snare drum, and an adjustable drum throne. Therefore, when your child plays, you are guaranteed that the experience they get feels great. The drums produce quality sound hence making it ideal for playing different genres. This also fits as one of the best snare drums.

Additionally, the set comes with a pair of wooden drumsticks, bass drum pedal, and setup instructions. This ensures that once you get the drums from the box, your child can start to play immediately.

In other words, the set does not require any assembly or prior knowledge to get your child playing. However, once you have it place, the instructions are easy to read and understand.


  • Quality construction material
  • Realistic drumming experience
  • Adjustable throne


  • The kick pedal spring is too loud

2.       Mendini by Cecilio 13 inch 3-Piece Kids/Junior Drum Set

best drum set for kids

Drumming takes time to master how to play all the pieces and maintain the rhyme. This is why Mendini 3-piece kids drum set is here for you.

The three pieces allow your child to learn the basics of drumming hence prepares him/her for the real drumming adventure. Both snare drum and tom drum are mounted on the bass drum, thus making it convenient for any space.

Additionally, the mounted design makes it easy to move the drum set on the ground without changing the setting. Therefore, it ensures that your child will continue to experience the same quality performance.

The set also comes with a wooden pair of sticks, a bass kick pedal, and a cushioned adjustable stool. This ensures that it comes ready to give your child an extraordinary musical adventure.

It comes in different colors to ensure that you have the option of choosing one that will attract your child’s attention and enhance their comfort while playing.


  • Quality construction
  • Convenient for starters 3-6 years
  • Easy to setup


  • It is slightly overpriced

3.       GP Percussion GP50BL Complete Junior Drum Set (Blue, 3-Piece Set)

best drum set for kids

Considering to introduce your child in the music industry, but you are unsure where he/she will fit right, GP percussion junior drum set might bring the difference.

The set is designed using quality material to ensure that it is durable and will give your child a better start. Additionally, the three-piece design makes the set easy to set up and play even for a person with zero ideas on drums. Therefore, your child will not feel odd when starting.

GP percussion takes pride in developing quality and durable instruments. With this drum sets, you are guaranteed that your child will enjoy years of practice and perfection. The junior drums sound natural, making them ideal for any musical genre. Additionally, the set comes with a drum key to ensure adequate adjustments for more natural tunes.

The snare drum has 5-lug for easy tuning and exceptional performance. It also has an independent stand allowing flexibility while you play. Therefore, your child can freely adjust the snare as he/she plays and remain in tune.

The drum skins are also strong and will withstand any rapid hits even from a purely untrained person. This guarantees that the set will lay a practical foundation for your child drumming skills.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight design for portability
  • Drum key and sticks inclusive


  • Only comfortable for kids below five years

4.  3pcs Junior Kid Child Drum Set Kit Sticks Throne Cymbal Bass Snare Boy Girl Metalic Blue

best drum set for kids

This 3-piece drum set kit is the real deal for kids who love music and want to knock out some tunes. The metallic blue color is convenient for both boys and girls, so you don’t have to limit yourself based on gender. However, it also has other colors to ensure that you get the most convenient color based on your child’s preference.

Its unique 3-piece design is child-friendly, which guarantees that your child will feel comfortable to play and will not feel as if the set is beyond their intellectual ability.

It has non-skid rubber feet, which guarantees to keep your child secure while they play hence giving you peace of mind. Additionally, this set, you will enjoy high-quality construction, which enhances the durability of the drums.

With the 3-piece, it becomes easy for your child to learn the basics of drumming without having to deal with a lot of parts at the same time. Therefore, it allows your child an opportunity to learn and grow in the industry simultaneously and within their pace. This guarantees that your child will understand the first steps to drumming quite easily.


  • Kid-friendly design
  • High-quality construction
  • Lightweight construction for portability


  • Perfect fit for 3-years and below

5.       Best Choice Products 3-Piece Kids Beginner Drum Musical Instrument Set w/ Sticks, Cushioned Stool, Drum Pedal – Black

best drum set for kids

Give your child an opportunity to rock and roll with this 3-piece kids drum set. It is designed using wooden hardware with chrome plate finish for durability even with years of continuous use. Therefore, you are guaranteed that our child will outgrow the set and hand it over to the younger siblings while still in perfect conditions.

When you buy this set for your child, you are not only guaranteed that they will grow musically, but their hand-eye coordination will also improve significantly.

The set comes complete with bass drum, 2-toms, cymbal, s-drum sticks, and a cushioned stool. The parts synchronize together to create a musical tune. When your child is playing, it introduces them to the basics and gives them an overview of what to expect from drums.

Additionally, the child-friendly construction style guarantees that your child can play with the drums with minimal or no supervision and still be safe. Therefore, it will not affect your other responsibilities while your young drummer is rocking and rolling.


  • High-quality construction material
  •     Kid-friendly design
  •      Enhances hand-eye coordination


  • Its too loud

6.       Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 3-Piece Kids/Junior Drum Set with Adjustable Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks, Metallic Blue, MJDS-3-BL

best drum set for kids

Introduce your young ones into the drumming industry and see them rock and roll as pros in their tender age. This Mendini by Cecilio is a drum set specifically designed for junior drummers who are trying to find their way in the musical arena.

It gives them an overview of what to expect with the actual drum set on a professional stage. The drum is fully functional, and it produces natural sound for enhanced learning.

The cymbal and tom are mounted separately on the bass drum. This guarantees that the set will not occupy a lot of space hence making it convenient even for small rooms.

Additionally, the mounted design makes it easy to move the set for your child’s comfortability as s/he plays. The stand has rubber covers that prevent the set from skidding while your child is playing. This, therefore, guarantees that the set will remain secure allowing your child sufficient concentration on mastering different drumming techniques.


  • High-quality construction
  •  Durable material
  •    Natural sound for a different genre


  • Slightly overpriced

7.       Ashthorpe 5-Piece Complete Kid’s Junior Drum Set with Genuine Brass Cymbals – Children’s Professional Kit with 16″ Bass Drum, Adjustable Throne, Cymbals, Hi-Hats, Pedals & Drumsticks – Black

best drum set for kids

Every child has a high capacity to learn provided they are exposed to relevant material. Therefore, if you are looking forward to training your child into drumming, Ashthorpe5-piece junior drum set is a perfect start.

The 5-piece design provides an excellent image for actual drums. So, it will expose your child to the right setup and allows them to enhance their ability to play.

With this set, you are guaranteed that your child will have an opportunity to reign and believe in their ability naturally. It is an upgrade from traditional plastic kids drum but with a more natural feel.

Therefore, it will boost your child confidence and allow them to flow with the tunes naturally. In other words, with the set in place, nothing will stand in the way of your child and professional drumming.

The set is designed in a kid-friendly style to ensure the security of your child is a priority. It has non-skid rubber covers on the stool stand and other stands, which minimizes the risks of your child or the drums falling.

The cymbals have a chrome finish style, which guarantees that they can withstand vigorous hitting as the young drummer is learning a thing or two of different genre. All the drums have a strong shell with durable skin to ensure quality sound and durable performance.

Additionally, the set has an adult finish style making it convenient for parents who wish to engage in child-play time.


  •    Durable construction material
  •   Suitable for beginners and professional drummers
  •      Natural sound


  • Set up instructions are a little complicated

8.       GP Percussion GP55WR 5-Piece Junior Drum Set with Cymbals and Throne in Metallic Wine Red

best drum sets for kids

GP percussion GP55WR 5-piece junior drum set is the ultimate set for a small enthusiast drummer in your home. The set introduces your child into the drumming industry with a positive mindset and allows them to envision the actual adult set at an early age.

Therefore, if you invest in this, you are guaranteed that your child will experience the right exposure into drumming.

The drums are made of durable wooden material with a metallic wine red finish for quality and attraction. The wine red polish also makes the set convenient for both boys and girls, so you don’t have to worry about your child gender.

Additionally, each drumheads and cymbals have a big GP logo, which guarantees that it’s an original set and quality is not compromised. The snare drum has an adjustable stand and can be tilted up to 45 degrees allowing the drummer professional comfort as they play.

It also comes with bass drum pedal, pair of drumsticks, drum key, and adjustable drum throne. Therefore, right from the box, your child can comfortably start to rock and roll.


  • Easy to set up
  •     Lightweight construction for easy maneuverability
  •      All-natural sound


  • Not convenient for kids below five years

9.       ddrum D120B BR D Series 5 Piece Drum Set Complete, Red

best drum sets for kids

ddrum D120B drum set is the solution you need when it comes to giving your child an opportunity to experience excellence. The ddrum company has been in the industry for years, and they have what it takes to produce quality instruments. Therefore, you are guaranteed that this junior set has met all it takes to introduce your child to quality music.

The complete 5-piece makes it convenient for your kid to learn different genres from an early age hence preparing them for professional drumming in advance. Each piece synchronizes with the other perfectly to ensure that your child experiences all natural sounds. This makes it possible for the child to master specific attributes of each drum in various genres.

It comes with all the hardware necessary for drumming. The red color enhances your confidence while you appear on stage and keeps you prepared for any gig. The black coating on stands and hardware ensures that all the metallic parts are secure and will not develop rust. It also makes a perfect blend with the red color and keeps you as the central piece.

The cymbals are made of quality hi-hat material; hence they can withstand any vigorous hits. Additionally, the set has an adjustable drum throne to allow you to find personalized comfort while you play. The adjustability design also helps you to grow with the set making it convenient for years.


  • Easy to setup
  • Full hardware pack
  •   Durable construction material


  • Suitable for kids with prior drumming knowledge

Things To Consider When Buying A Drum Set For The Kids

There are several things you must consider to ensure that you choose the right drum for your child.

Types Of Drums

You need to take a moment to think about the types of drum sets that will help your child. This will mean thinking about the type of music that you want the child to play.

Snare Drums

Snare drums are the center of any drum kit. They have the strongest regular accents and backbone for most fills. They create a snappy yet buzzing sound that is excellent for most music genres.

Tom Drums

These are also called the tom-tom drums and are played with sticks. They are great for solos, and drum fills. These drums sets do not have snares.

Bass Drums

This is also known as the kick drums. It is low pitched and gives out the basic timing and beat with basic pulse patterns. You will only need double bass with the drum set if your child will be playing heavy metal songs.

Value For Your Money

You need to ensure that you get value for your money. Keep in mind that children may not be as careful when using their instruments as adults. You, therefore, need to buy a set that will be able to handle a lot of abuse from the child and still play excellent quality music. The set should also be easy to assemble so you do not break anything along the way.


The type of drum set you buy will depend on the age of the child. Of course, older kids will need all the components of the drums, while younger children will need a simple set that is easy to understand. Adding the pieces slowing as they play will ensure that you get better grounding techniques. The size and weight of the drums will also impact the ability of the child to play comfortably.


Choosing the best drum set for kids will affect how the child learns music and whether it will be a hobby they will enjoy throughout their lives. The first drums will affect how the child perceives playing an instrument. You, therefore, need it to be simple to use and easy to learn.


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