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Best Electronic Drum sets under $1000

Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000Electronic drum set

If you are just learning to play the drums, you are likely excited about how fun it will be to learn and play something. This is not just a hobby for aspiring artists. It is also a great instrument for people who love music. But do not worry because there exist some of the best electronic drum sets under $1000.

Let’s face it, about 95% of people have fantasized about playing the drums at one point in their lives. It is a habit that has proven to help deal with anxiety, stress, and even boost your immunity.

However, your excitement may simmer down real quick when you discover that there are numerous choices that will be available when buying. There are numerous features to choose from when considering the purchases you will be making. The truth is, you cannot just buy the first set that comes your way. You must check to see whether the features the product has will help you grow as you advance your skills.

This article reviews 7 of the best electronic drum sets under $1000 in 2020. Additionally, we provide you with a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will help you find the most important features.

Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $ 1000

  1. Alesis Surge Mesh Kit | Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Drums under $1000

This drum sets tops the list of the best electronic drum sets under $1000. Take your drumming skills to the next level by using the Alesis Surge Mesh kit. It comes ready to give you new drumming experience and elevate you from regular drum players. Whether you want to play professionally or you are simply considering to have a kit that will help you learn, this kit got you covered.

This kit has 8-pieces that includes three 8-inch dual-zone mesh tom pads, 10-inch dual-zone mesh snare pad, cymbals, and 8-ich kick tower. All the pieces are securely placed together on a collapsible 4-post chrome mounting rack for support and setup. Therefore, when you are playing, you are guaranteed that not a single piece will crumble and fall out of its normal position.

Additionally, the 4-post chrome stand is strong and rust-resistant. This gives you the assurance that all the pieces will remain secure even when you play vigorous tunes. Its sticks are out of the ordinary as they keep bouncing back with every hit. Therefore, you will not have to struggle trying to keep up with the rhythm and flow in various tunes.

What makes this kit more versatile is that it comes with other exciting features. You get to enjoy 40 drum lessons, 24 preset kits, 60 play-along tracks, 385 onboard sounds, and 16 user kits. Therefore, your drumming will always take a new direction, depending on the tunes you are looking to play. It also comes with several inputs and outputs for increased connectivity.


  • Collapsible stand for easy storage and setup
  • Easy to change drums and cymbals sound
  • Drum key included
  • Ideal for any music adventure


  • The headphone output might not be as clear

2.Roland TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Set Bundle

roland set

Roland V-drum set is another type of the best electronic drum set under $1000that will get your music expectations to another level. It has a different setup style but still provides you with the same exceptional performance.

Unlike other electronic drums on the market, this kit also comes at a fair price to ensure that you are covered even when working on a budget. It has double layers for both the snare and tom pads for more response while playing as well as personalizing your experiences.

Being a 5-piece drum set, it has everything you need to play as a professional at any time. The five pieces include three 6-inch toms, an 8-inch snare, and a kick pad. This is simply the basic pieces you need to play. Therefore, if you are not yet a pro in drumming, you will have sufficient time to learn and become competent by mastering all the necessary steps.

The double trigger mesh guarantees you a quieter performance hence protecting you from making basic mistakes.

Additionally, it has additional features to give you exceptional performance anytime you sit behind the set. These features include and not limited to; 15 play-along tracks, 15 preset drum kits latest from Roland, and 10 interactive exercises/ drum lessons, among others.

It also has a USB MIDI connection allowing you to explore your virtual drum libraries as you learn new skills. The set also features 1/8-inch AUX input. This guarantees that you can play your favorite jam and have an exceptional playback with your natural performance. It is all you need to get your drum expectations to the next level.


  • High-quality construction
  • Comes with coaching functions
  • Responsive mesh pads


  • Has limited drum module


3.Yamaha Electronic Drum Set, DTX402K (DTX402K)


Yamaha is a brand that has been there for quite some time, and they have a name when it comes to quality and durable production. With this Yamaha electronic drum set, you are guaranteed exceptional performance and durability.

The set has reliable hardware, immersive samples onboard, and better feeling rubber pads to ensure you get outstanding playing experience. Unlike other electronic drum sets, this set allows you to flex your drumming muscles and expertise with every tune you choose to play. This is a consideration to make when debating on the best electronic drum sets under $1000.

All the pieces are perfectly designed with rubber pads for more response and quieter drumming. Therefore, it allows you to play comfortably from whenever you are with minimal playback effects. Additionally, quieter addition guarantees that you are able to synchronize your drums with other instruments for fine-tunes and enhanced performance.

In terms of drum modules, this set comes in handy with 415 percussion sounds, 10 songs, 10 training modules, and 10 kits. It also allows you to customize each kit, depending on your personalized expectations. The high-quality percussion sounds also allow you to bring in your input as you train to ensure that you are able to maintain the same rhythm and flow hence enhancing your playlist.

Additionally, the kit also comes with a free DTX402 Touch app for easy modules access. This makes it easy for you to test your skills, as well as edit the kits. It also has an easy Rec’n’Share app that allows you to listen and record your favorite music then share it with your friends or on social media using your phone or tablet.


  • Free touch app and Rec’Share app
  • High quality construction
  • Easy to set up and collapse
  • Each kit is fully customizable


  • It is slightly overpriced


4.Roland TD-17KL Electronic Drum Set Bundle


You don’t have to be like the rest as you try to maneuver your way through the drumming field and become your own masterpiece. Its engine is inherited from the flagship TD-50 sounds, which makes it highly competitive. This also allows you to experience more professional musical scenarios.

The realistic pads also guarantee that you get a great drumming experience for a better acoustic feel.

Unlike other electronic drums on the market, this has a real acoustic kick for an enhanced feeling. The kick has an ergonomic design that guarantees you get the same feeling as though you are using the manual drum sets.

Additionally, this set allows you to learn to smooth new on foot control and pedal techniques to take your playing experience to the next level. You also get the privilege of customizing the preset sounds to meet your specific expectations.

It has free to download melodics software that allows you to develop your timing and playing experience. With this kit, you also enjoy other modules features, including KD 10 kick pad, 17 training sessions, and customizable sounds.

It also can adjust your sounds for every ambiance kit, hence allowing you to have a different tune for every venue. Therefore, you will always have a different experience whenever you sit on the drums and get your hands to play.


  • Easy to use
  • Collapsible design for easy setup and storage
  • Adjustable sound setting
  • TD-50 sound engine modification
  • Real acoustic fee kic


  • The snares and tom pads are placed slightly apart making it tough to hit one at a time

5.Kat Percussion KT3 Electronic Drum Set


Enjoy quality drumming experience with Kat percussion KT3 electronic drum set.

It has a white color finish, which makes the kit look slightly bigger than the usual size hence allow you to feel much comfortable while playing. The combination of white and red gives you the power to be in charge and also synchronizes perfectly with your expectations.

With this 6-piece drum kit, you will enjoy a large 12″ hi-hat cymbal. Large 11″ floor tom and snare pads, 14″ ride cymbal, and 2-12″ crash cymbals. It also has an amazing high quality sound library to ensure you get exceptional experience with the kit.

The large size design feels convenient and doesn’t give the user a hard time trying to navigate from one piece to the other. Additionally, the sizes make it easy for you to arrange every part as you desire without any possible confusion from one piece to the other.

All the pieces are set up on a 4-post collapsible stand. This stand is made of durable chrome material to guarantee durability and reliability. The collapsible style allows you to effortlessly move the kit from one location to the other without having to dismantle the setting. Additionally, it has durable rubber caps at the bottom to avoid sliding while you are playing.

The kit also features different drum modules, including 45 preset drums, 100 play-along songs, 25 customizable drum set, and 550 studio-quality drums. It also features stereo output jacks for easy mixer amplification and recording, as well as the MP3 player plug.


  • Ultra-sensitive pads
  • Collapsible design for easy storage and setup
  • Built-in click track
  • Fully adjustable cymbal arms


  • It takes time to master various sounds

6.Vault HD005 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit Bundle

drums under $1000

Are you looking for a drum kit that is a complete package of excellence and at an affordable price? Vault HD005 is here for you. It’s designed in an ergonomic style to guarantee you excellence in performance and durability. The set has a simple to set up design, and the collapsible 4-post stand makes it a perfect fit for any storage space.

It has several drum modules features including 184 sounds, 20 drum kits, and 50 songs with drum off the option to enhance your playing experience. With this set, you also get the privilege of synchronizing your personal style in a preexisting song thanks to the drum off feature.

The drum pads are made of natural rubber to provide you with natural response and exceptional feel as you play. When playing in a room, it has a headphone input where you plug in and enjoy salient drumming. This guarantees that you will not affect the operations of others in the room as you take on your drumming lessons.

The 5-pieces drum set includes an 8-inch snare drum, 3-8″ tom pads, and a bass drum. These pieces are perfectly designed to synchronize and provide you with exceptional music experience.

Additionally, the package comes with unique drum sticks to ensure that you are able to enjoy quality performance all the time. With this set, you also enjoy the plus USB to MIDI functions allowing you to track full control of your training and performing sessions.


  • Collapsible posts for easy setup and portability
  • ED-10M for easy direct play
  • Headphones addition for silent drumming
  • Durable construction


  • Modules develop technical issues after a few uses

7.Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit – Seven Piece Mesh Electric Drum Set

alesis drum

If you are enthusiastic about playing electric drums but you don’t have the capacity to invest in big brands, Alesis drums turbo mesh kit is here for you. The brand is reputable, and the quality of the drums you get is extremely high compared to the price tag. Therefore, you will enjoy the exceptional performance without straining your account.

It has more desirable features than other expensive brands, although it comes at a friendly cost.

The 7-piece set includes 3-10″ cymbals, 8″ mesh snare, and 3-8″ tom pads. When perfectly placed together, all these mesh heads guarantee to deliver the most responsive and realistic feel.

The drums are also designed with natural rubber to enhance the player’s response and also provide a more natural sounding. Being an Alesis brand, you are also certified that you will not have to deal with any mechanical defects after a short season compared to other models on the market.

Additionally, the drum kit also has other modules making it competitive for the price range. This includes 30 built-in play-along tracks, 100+ curated sounds, and 10 classic modern drum kits. It also has other additional features that make it extremely convenient for any setting and performance.

You will enjoy the AUX-in, a drum coach for easy training even when you are alone without a physical tutor. What makes the set stand out among others is the assurance that you can record and share your experiences right in the middle of your performance.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Collapsible stand for portability
  • 7-piece drum kit
  • Durable construction


  • Only 10 onboard kits

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000

There are a couple of crucial features that you need to think about when you are looking to buy the best electronic drum sets under $1000. These features will ensure you have the best characteristics that will provide you with all the features that will make playing fun and incredible for you.


Before you settle on a specific brand, it is crucial that you think about why you are buying the drum sets. Are you a beginner looking to buy a set that will grow with you as you improve your skills? Do you need to buy the drum set for someone as a gift? Do you want to record music? Are you aspiring to be a professional drum set player? You need to think about the reason why you are buying the drum set.

If it is a hobby you want to pick up and stick to, you need a set that can work perfectly for years, even when you use it every day.


You need to think about how easily you can set up your equipment. How the equipment is set up makes the difference in how the drums are played. You must think about the number of pieces you want from the drum set.

Do you want a three-piece or a complete 5-piece drum set that comes with cymbals? You must also think about how easy it will be for you to assemble the set. If the answer is not a yes, then you should consider moving on to the next choice. You may also want to know the best way to amplify electronic drums for the purpose to be met.

The Size of the Drum Set

You need to think to ensure that you look at how much storage you have for your drum set. The size is crucial not just because of the storage dynamics, but also because of the height of the pedals, cymbals, and drums. If you are short, the last thing you need is to have drums that are too tall for you to easily access them when you are playing. Taller individuals will also have an issue with comfort if the drums are too low.

A person of average height will benefit from drums that are about 5 feet tall. These will not only be fun to play, but they will also be comfortable to use. Shorter people will have to check out some shorter drum sets, which are equally as good and functional. When you are comfortable playing, it will be easier for you to learn new rhythms and find the perfect level for you to play.

Drum Heads

You must ensure that the drum heads are made of the highest quality material. Remember that the material used to make the drum head will affect the sound it produces. In the past, most drum heads were made from animal skin. However, today, most are made from mylar and polyester.

Polyethylene terephthalate is the strongest form of polyester used because of its strong resistance to moisture, UV rays, heat, and its agility. Therefore if you need to play professionally, this is the material you should be looking for as it will help you entertain your listeners.


In most cases, the cymbals are overlooked. However, they are a great determinant of how good the drums will sound. Some kits have the cymbals included, and some do not. The hi-hat, ride, and crash cymbals are all crucial for players, but some kits will lack at least one of these.

Because of the material used, some will sound better than others and therefore are perfect for all types of players who require quality sound. Even if you have to purchase these separately, ensure that you choose ones that sound the best because they will help you vary the sound produced and improve your music.

Double or Single Bass

If you are a beginner, it may not make a lot of sense to get the giant rack of toms as your first drum set. But, if you are advanced, it makes a lot of sense for you to have a second bass drum for more oomph. If you are a metalhead, you will need the double bass setups like all the other metal drummers out there. Beginners are not advised to get two.

Learning to use just one foot is tough enough; you do not want to make the lessons unbearable. You can also get just one bass drum that you can play with both feet.


The above article gives some of the best electronic drum sets under $1000. Always make sure that you buy drum sets that will give you room to advance your skills and add more pieces as you learn more about playing. Take time to research and read the online reviews, like this one, to give you more information on the benefits and demerits of the drum sets you are looking to buy. This way, you are certain that you will be making the right choice and will not waste any money.


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