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Best Snare Drums

best snare drumsAs a drummer, you need to hunt for the best snare drums that allow you to enjoy the best music quality. The snare drums have been around for 600 years.

It has evolved from the medieval drum that was known as the tabor. This was a cylindrical wood tube made with animal skin and has one end fastened with a hemp string.

As a result of the evolution of the drums through the years, few drums are used as regularly and distinctively as the snare.

Whether you need a thunderclap of resonant and warm, the best snare drums will provide precisely what you need. Here is a list of some of the best snare drums on the market that are durable and excellent for different types of music.

We have also included a comprehensive buyer’s guide with essential features to watch out for the best snare drums when shopping.

Top Rated Best Snare Drums

1. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 14×5.5 Snare Drum




The snare drum is a centerpiece of any drum set. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that when it comes to snare drum, you only work with the best.

Yamaha stage custom birch snare drum, therefore, makes a great addition in your drum set. It is specifically designed to withstand your need for quality drumming sessions under any genre. The drum has thicker skin and upgraded shells for enhanced performance. This guarantees that it sounds fatter, which is ideal for all live custom performances. The bearing edges are perfectly rounded to ensure there is a reliable contact between the shells and the head for better sound.

When it comes to fine-tuning, the drum has ten lugs, which guarantees that you can customize the sound to your needs. Additionally, the birch shell is super strong, and regardless of how hard your tune, it will not lose the original tone for various genres.

What makes it different from other competitor’s snare drums is that it is a high-end kit from Yamaha. Therefore, you are guaranteed that it is designed to not only provide you with professional experiences but also works best for beginners.
It comes in various colors allowing you to choose one that suits your needs or matches with other drums.

Additionally, the different colors enhance your confidence as you drum, hence keeping you in delicate rhythm. The 14 x 5.5 inches size guarantees that the drum will perfectly fit in your drum stand without having to modify the stand.

Additionally, it gives you sufficient room to arrange your drums without occupying an ample space. Therefore, you will enjoy quality drumming without straining to reach other pieces.

The drum has also undergone several redesigning and upgrades to ensure that it perfectly blends with different parts and also enhances your drumming expectations.


  • Ten lugs for precise tuning
  • All birch shell
  • Quality construction
  • Thicker skin for a fatter sound


  • The hardware is cheaply made

2. PDP by DW Black Wax Maple Snare Drum 5.5×13

snare drums
PDP by DW black wax maple is a snare drum that is designed to give you exceptional performances when it comes to drumming. It features a matte black finish, which assures you that the drum will last much longer.

The wax-based sealer gives it a deceivingly understated look with its hand-applied style. This finish style also makes the snare drum unique and ideal for both personalized training sessions and onstage performances.

Additionally, the finished form also works best with its strong and thick skin that enhances the drum’s durability and assurance for quality drumming experiences.

When it comes to fine-tuning the drum, you will enjoy the ten ply maple shell design. It has a perfect fit on the drum head, and it can withstand even vigorous tightening processes.

When tuned, the drum guarantees to maintain the same quality sound to ensure that it works best for any genre you choose to play. With this drum, you will always be ready for any gig at any time. It fits perfectly to the stand and does not require extra tightening to perform its due expectations.

The pitch tension rods in brass inserts are fitted correctly to guarantee that the drum offers expected sound at all times. Additionally, the rods are evenly placed to ensure that the drum fits on the head equally.

Since the snare is the most hit drum for any genre, the 5.5 x13 inches size makes a great addition in your drum set. It also has a low-end body that withstands various challenges for any drumming experience. Therefore, if you are looking for a snare with a little more cut, then this will make an excellent deal for you.


  • Easy to adjust and play
  • Lightweight design for portability
  • Black matte finish style for durability
  • Natural sounding skin
  • Gig-ready shells design


  • The batter hoop gets damaged quite easily

3. Mendini 14 x 3.5 inch Student Steel Snare Drum Set

Are you looking for a snare drum that will give you exceptional performance while you are drumming, then Mendini student steel snare drum is all you need.

It has a unique design that gives you confidence while drumming, and it sounds natural for any genre. With this snare drum, quality is not compromised at all costs.

It is made of steel casing, which makes it highly durable and convenient for all drumming adventures. Additionally, the steel casing is super lightweight hence making it easy for you to transport from one location to the other.

Also, it comes with a comfortable soft padded backpack case with handles and strap. Therefore, when you are considering to go for a longer distance, you will not be stressed about how to carry the drum. The case also has a back pocket where you can fit the drum sticks and snare stand, making it a complete package.

The snare stand has plastic covers at the edge. This guarantees that it perfectly holds the drum in place and will not scratch it even with vigorous drumming. Therefore, your snare drum will maintain a perfect look even after using it for an extended period.

Additionally, at the bottom, the stand has rubber caps to minimize sliding on the floor as you play. This, therefore, ensures that you will not have to keep adjusting your sitting position or stretching to reach the drum in the middle of a performance.

The stand is also made of double brace for durability. The finish silver coating gives the drum and stand a unique look and makes it rust-resistant. In other words, even when you store it in unfriendly conditions, the stand will not get rust quickly. Additionally, the drum skin is firm and will not require replacement even after vigorous drumming.


  • Comes with a stand, padded case, and drum sticks
  • Double brace stand for durability
  • Steel material


  • The stand is non-adjustable

4. ADM Student Snare Drum Set 14″ X 5.5″ with Gig Bag

snare drums
If you are considering taking your experiences of drumming to another level, then having a snare drum that provides natural sound is essential. ADM student snare drum is designed to allow you convenience while playing your drum for both practice and onstage performance. Therefore, your desire for high-quality instruments and need to show your expertise will be observed effectively.

It has a high-gloss finish style, which gives it a unique design. The craftsmanship of the drum also makes it convenient for both beginners and professionals.

It has ten durable tuning lugs and comes with a tuning key. This guarantees that you can customize the drum to give you the familiar sound for any genre. The tuning key also allows you to fine-tune the drum to sound nicer, depending on the sound quality you need. This makes it ideal compared to those with eight lugs design.

Additionally, when practicing in a room where there are other people, you will not worry about disturbing others as the drum has a level drop pad. Therefore, you can practice on any tabletop without causing distress to others.

When you choose to invest in this snare drum, you will enjoy the package as it comes with sticks, adjustable neck-strap, padded gig bag, drum key, adjustable stand, and mute pad. Therefore, when you get the package, the issues of transporting the drum will be easy.

The neck strap also makes it convenient for you to play the drum as an independent set.

The drum key also allows you to efficiently adjust the settings of your drum based on the drumming expectations and the place where you are playing. The drum has ideal size and its lightweight, which guarantees that it will not strain you even as you move around while playing.


  • Durable tuning lugs
  • Sound level drop pad
  • Comes with sticks, gig bag, adjustable neck-strap, and drum key


  • The stand is slightly short

5. Snare Drum Set Student Steel Shell 14 X 5.5 Inches

shell snare drum
This snare drum is ideally designed for students, professional musicians, and beginners. Therefore, anyone who considers starting drumming can confidently use the drum to keep your dreams rolling.

The chrome finish style gives you exceptional confidence when while you have the drum on your shoulders. Additionally, the chrome-style also makes the drum super durable, making it a suitable addition in your musical instruments.

The drum comes with drumsticks, drum key, and a strap. This makes it an essential addition for your drumming expertise in all genres you play. The 14 x 5.5 inches size makes the drum convenient for any person to carry and remain comfortable without stressing your comfort.

The sticks are specially crafted to correctly drum on the snare and offer the expected sound without interfering with the physical drum structure.

The shell of the drum is made of quality material for durability and stability while drumming. The skin is double firm and will withstand vigorous drumming for any performance, whether the practice of onstage drumming. Additionally, compared to other snare drums on the market, the drum comes at an affordable price tag.

This makes it convenient even for persons working on a budget and still require to experience quality in their drumming expectations.

The drum key present in the package guarantees that you can control efficiently to attain your musical desires. The steel shell, on the other hand, ensures that the drum is firm and suitable for all time usage.


  • Chrome finish style for durability
  • Suitable for professional musicians, students, and beginners
  • Comfortable shoulder strap for confidence
  • Drumsticks and drum key inclusive
  • Affordable price tag


  • It is slightly heavy making it uncomfortable for young drummers

6. Griffin Snare Drum | Poplar Wood Shell 14″ x 5.5″ with Black PVC Glossy Finish

griffin snare
Griffin is a famous brand when it comes to designing drums and other musical instruments. It prides itself on developing quality and solid pieces to give musicians a unique taste of quality.

When it comes to snare drums, Griffin provides a different style with a poplar wood shell while almost all other brands make steel shells. The poplar wood panel is handpicked to maintain the collective quality on the shell and designed using a computerized control saw to attain that perfect circular shape.

It also passes the 15% sample rate measure to ensure that the final product meets the quality threshold required for drum shells. Additionally, Griffin, as a company, is 100% operated by DJs and musicians, which is a guarantee that the need for quality is not compromised at all the manufacturing stages.

Once the snare is crafted and ready for the market, it passes through a sound testing process to ensure that the final product meets the expectations of the customer. Therefore, the company has a hired sound technician team that vigorously tests each piece individually to ensure that it provides the expected tone and sound for various genres.

In other words, when you buy this snare drum form, Griffin, you are curtained that it will feed your needs for quality and also soothe your drumming expectations. However, in case a particular drum does not meet the expected sound quality, instead of releasing it to the market at a lower price, the manufacturers opt to return the drum to the manufacturing process and improve where possible. This guarantees that each piece from Griffin does not disappoint whether on practices or onstage performances.

This snare drum has a chrome plating finish style making it stand out in the middle of other drums. It also fits perfectly on the snare stand and will not require you to keep adjusting it as you play. With this snare drum, you will enjoy the double-skin design that is easily adjustable and will not be broken even under vigorous drumming sessions. It can be placed also as one of the best drum set for kids.


  • Quality poplar wood construction
  • Lightweight design for portability
  • Reliable brand warranty
  • Sound quality tested


  • The strainer must be tightened to the maximum to eliminate distortion and buzz

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Snare Drums


Snare drums are made of many materials, and each type will affect the look and sound quality of the drum. Ensure that you test out the drums you buy to know how much high, mid, and low frequencies it can produce. Check for sensitivity, response, and how open or bright or muted the drum is when played. In most cases, the material that most creators will use wood for the shell.

Although they may also blend it with metal to make the designs pop. Steel is the most commonly used metal and is appreciated for its longevity. In some instances, they will also use copper. These snare drums tend to be loud and produce a lot of mid-range sounds.


You must think about the size of the drum you need. The pitch and sounds of the snare drums are relative to the diameter, material, construction, and width of the drums.

For a tight pop, choose snare drums that are no more than 5.5″ in width. Choose anything more than 6.5″ for loud and open sound production. Diameters above 14″ tend to have a naturally lower pitch.

The Snare Wires

These are the most underrated parts of the snare drums. Many drummers do not care about how these wires affect the pitch and sound quality. However, when going for that sweet crack, you will be disappointed to get a dull boom instead if you do not check the wires.

There are two things you should be looking for, which is the number of wires which maybe 16, 20, 24, and 30. The more strands the snare has, the better it can produce snare sounds rather than producing drum-like sounds. You should also check the thickness of the wires, the thinner they are, the more sensitive. If you play jazz, you need between 20 and 30 thin strands.


Whether you need crisp, loud, or aggressive sound, or are looking for something colorful and sensitive, the snare drums in this list will help you attain precisely what you need. Any of the products will make excellent purchases since they have been chosen in various categories.

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