How to amplify electronic drum sets

Best Way to Amplify Electronic Drums

How to Amplify Electronic DrumsHow to amplify electronic drum sets

Music is life. All musicians will agree that their concerts will never be the same when amplification is put in the picture. Do you want to play your drums yet there is no one getting the sound and the skill that is in you? t is one thing to have the kit and another thing to know how to amplify the electronic drums.


Are you feeling like giving up since all the guitarists and the pianists are getting their sounds heard in a pretty easier way? All you do not know is the best way to amplify electronic drums. Thanks to the technology nowadays, there is the kit provided for the electronic drums. However with the best beginner drum sets you can get the best sound.


This article will provide distinct and easy steps on the best way to amplify electronic drums. Each step is well detailed to help the user get the ultimate sound to the ears of the listeners


There are three easy steps that can be used to amplify electronic drums. For many pianists, this will be the easiest thing to do. However, for the drummers, new things and new technologies will always come with new challenges.


The steps are easy: select the best speaker and amplify, arrange things in the recommended order and after that make the connections and you will have your perfect sound

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Step by Step Guide on the Best Way to Amplify Electronic Drums

Step 1: Getting the right equipment

Choosing the Speaker and the Amplifier


Tip number one: This is the biggest mistake that many drummers do. The tip here is getting the two equipment form the same manufacturer if possible. This does not mean that getting those that are from different manufacturers would not work, it means that the ones from the same manufacturer have the ability to be compatible and give you fewer problems when connecting.

On that note, do not buy from just any manufacturer.


Tip number two: The other tip on the best way to amplify the electronic drums is based on doing research. Electronic drums have not been existence These are gadgets that have been brought to the market recently. Therefore, not all manufactures are good at making them. Before settling on a certain manufacturer’s product, checking the reviews done on their products as well as looking out for any recommendations is the wise and the right thing to do. Manufacturers of these drums are not the same as those of the pianos and the guitars which at most times are compatible no matter the source. So be wise!


Tip number three: If possible choose a speaker that has an inbuilt amplifier in it. The advantage with this is that it helps in reducing the incompatibility. It will as well help in portability. This is for those people who hold big concerts. There is no headache of carrying the drum, the speaker and the amplifier set.


So to achieve the best results on this the word is consult widely. Consult the internet, consult fellow drummers, and if possible consult the specialists in music. This will be a choice to determine how the rest of your gigs will be.

Step 2

Arrange the equipment well on the stage

After you have identified the best equipment for your drum kit, the next step is to assess your stage and place your equipment in the right manner. The first thing is to examine the stage that you will be using. Know where the drum kit will be places as well as where the speakers will be placed.


Speakers in this case are for many instruments. In a gig for example there are speakers that will combine the piano, the guitar as well as the microphones. In that case, find the best space to place your equipment. This is making sure that they will not interfere with the microphone and they will not as well interlock with the other cables which may make them strain. At this point, your outlet is not plugged in yet. This will happen in the next step.


Step three:

Connection of the drum kit module to the speakers

Each drum kit that you purchase will have a module. This is the module that will be connected to the speaker. On the drum kit module lookout for the “output” jack. This is where the cable connects to the input o the amplifier.  The cable allows ¼ inch connection. If the connections are not working say on either side of the jack and the cable, a converter can also be used. This helps to standardize and bring the connection to the ¼ inch measure for a full and good connection to be done.

From there, get the other side of the cable that is getting out through the output of the amplifier and connect it to the input of the speaker. By doing this, the equipment is now set for testing.


Tip: There should be enough and ample slack of your cables. This is because one may accidentally step and trip on them making the cables to disconnect. Disconnection may lead to the damage of the jacks and outputs as well as may be a bit embarrassing to your guest, if anyone trips and falls from them.

Step 3

Testing the sound

This is now the last part. The part that one wants to get to so that they can know if they did  all things right.

The first thing to do here is to connect all the equipment on the power source. Make sure that the volume is at zero. Then from there turn on the power source and increase the volume. Is the sound good enough? Are all the equipment in harmony?  You are the best to know how the sound appears and if that is the sound you would like. Asking the fellow bandmates how they feel about the music is also key. And from that you will become one of the happiest drummers around.

Adjustment of the sound

One may ask? How will I adjust the sound of the electronic drums? This should worry you no more. There are various strategies that you can use:

Adjust settings on the drum module

The drum module acts as the brain of the drum. There are settings that control the tones as well as the volumes. This means that you can be able to adjust to low or high notes. Some of the inexpensive drum kits will not have these feature so it is good to look for this specification when purchasing. Replacing the drum module will as well give the feature.


Use of a sound mixing board


Mixing boards are sold everywhere. It is easy to find them in the music shops as well as online shops. Therefore, it is easier to get one. Always ask for the one that is fit for the electronic drums. With the mixer, you can turn the dull bass tones to be what you need to hear just by making few adjustments.

Adjustment of the sound on the amplifier

There are usually many treble knobs on the amplifier. This is what you will play with to have that sound of your choice. If you want the bass, adjust the bass knob. This does not apply to all amplifiers there are some that do not have these features. In that case, you can use the options above.


Final Thought

Drumming can be fun. No musician is to be left out in the concert. This is because, with the knowledge of the best way to amplify the electronic drums, their skills will be spot on. Getting the best equipment is the key to successful amplification. This can only be done by researching on the best equipment in the market today. Following the above-outlined steps means that all your gigs and concerts will be something to look forward to.



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