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What Type of Water Filter System is Right For You?



There are several kinds of water filters available for your home. These include Reverse osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Surface filters, and Sediment pre-filters. Which one to choose depends on your needs and budget. If you have no idea about the different types of water filters, read our article to learn the difference between the most popular types. Once you have made a decision, you need to clean your filter regularly so that it is back to like-new condition.
Reverse osmosis

A Reverse osmosis water filter system passes water through a semipermeable membrane, removing most contaminants from the water. Common contaminants removed include chromium, lead, fluoride, barium, iron, and more. This process can be used in a residential home or in a business, and it can remove up to 95% of contaminants. There are many types of reverse osmosis water filter systems on the market, so it is important to understand which type of system is right for your needs.

Some systems come with a refrigerator kit and different types of faucets. They’re simple to install and require no further assembling. A reverse osmosis water filter system is easy to install and can be done in less than an hour. Another benefit of this system is that it’s tankless, which means that you won’t have to store the water in a storage tank and potentially expose it to bacteria.

The process of ultrafiltration (UF) can remove many impurities from water, including viruses, bacteria, and chemicals. The primary removal mechanism of UF is size exclusion. The UF fiber bundles can remove many types of particles, and the process can also extend the life of downstream filters. Ultrafiltration is often used as a pretreatment step before reverse osmosis or deionized water, or as the final stage of a conventional water filter system.

Many advantages of ultrafiltration over other types of filtration include cost-effective up-front cost and relatively low maintenance. Ultrafiltration systems typically last five to seven years. They are highly effective at removing bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Ultrafiltration systems are also eco-friendly, using only 95% of water during the process. This means that they do not contribute to waste water and reduce the need to dispose of plastic bottles.
Surface filters

A surface filter in a water filter system uses a membrane and screen to remove contaminants. The pore size of the membrane is measured in microns. The smaller the pore size, the more effective the filter. Fibre filters are made from cellulose, rayon, or other types of fibre. Their filtration capacity varies depending on the material they are made of. The pore size of the media can vary, but they all remove particles smaller than 5 mm.

Both carbon block and fibre filters work by using three distinct processes. The first is called mechanical filtration. The water flows through the carbon block, and impurities as small as 0.5 microns are filtered out by the pores. The second method is called chemical filtration. Chemicals in the water filter system are removed by the carbon block, while contaminants pass through the ceramic filters. The carbon block filter is a very effective method for removing dissolved contaminants.
Sediment pre-filters

Sediment pre-filters are used to remove dirt, scale, and rust from water. These filters are also called particulate filters. Their job is to reduce dirt and scale in water before it passes through other treatment systems like UV lights. Pre-filtering your water can help protect your water filter system and your water-using appliances. Here are some of the benefits of using a sediment filter.

Sediment pre-filters act like a screen door by sieving back particulate matter. They are very effective in removing sediment from water and prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria. A sediment filter is attached at the point of water entry and has a bed of natural media. This filter traps dirt, sand, and other unwanted particles and leaves clean water. In a water filter system, sediment filters play a crucial role in the initial stages of filtration.
Carbon block

A carbon block water filter system filters water through a combination of raw materials. The carbon is compressed and heated to approximately 900 0C. This releases impurities that are toxic at these high temperatures. The carbon is manufactured in molds with different types of binders. The process requires additional manufacturing time and labor, but results in a consistent filtration mechanism. Compression molding is advantageous because it allows for different shapes and extra design flexibility. Carbon block filters are produced using different raw materials, including bituminous coal, coconut shell, nutshells, and wood.

These filters are more effective than carbon bed filters, but they take longer to filter water. Although carbon bed filters may be the best choice for large-scale filtration, a carbon block filter provides enough filtered drinking water for most households. Carbon block filters use activated carbon to filter out a variety of impurities, and they are the only water filter that removes specific contaminants like lead and cysts. The carbon blocks are also available in sub-micron sizes, which allow them to eliminate many contaminants.

How to Integrate Social Media With Other Marketing Channels



When using social media, marketers must be aware that users expect to interact with brands. By engaging with users, marketers can create brand loyalty and drive demand. Social media also offers a unique opportunity to get to know your customers and expand their reach. Brands should be transparent about their products and services to foster trust. Once you have established a brand through social media, it’s easy to integrate your social media campaigns with other marketing channels. Here are some steps you should take to maximize your social media marketing.
Creating a social media presence

To get the most out of your social media strategy, set clear, measurable goals. While the majority of your posts should be promotional, only 20% should be about the business. The remaining content should be geared towards meeting your audience’s needs and preferences. Remember that your company’s social media presence has more in common with a person’s than it does with your own. It should be consistent with your brand image and use distinct and high-quality visuals to engage followers and attract potential customers.

Building a social media presence is critical for attracting customers. While creating a page for your business, consider your target audience. You want to appeal to potential customers as well as existing customers, so make sure that you take the time to understand what they want. Then, create content that speaks directly to them. This will help you build trust and earn their business. Once you’ve established a solid social media presence, you can focus on building your brand’s reputation.
Creating original content

Creating original content is crucial to attracting the right kind of audience. It improves your brand’s reputation, trust factor, and engagement rate. These are crucial in the long run. Authentic, informative, and creative content is what your audience is looking for. By following these tips, you can make your brand stand out from the crowd and attract more followers and customers. This way, you can build more trust and loyalty in your social media marketing.

Creating original content will increase your Instagram mentions, and help you engage your audience with your brand. It will also help you increase your brand’s reputation, generate more leads, and generate more sales. People prefer brands that create original content to share with others. Original content can be written in any format, but it has to be creative and original. Original content is more likely to be shared than duplicated content. Moreover, it can improve your reputation as a knowledgeable and interesting person.
Creating a customer persona

Creating a customer persona is crucial to the success of your social media marketing campaign. This strategy requires that you create a detailed profile of your ideal customer. A customer persona should include details about their interests, lifestyle, and demographics. It should also include their pain points and the solution that you have developed. Then, it is time to define your target audience and tailor your social media marketing strategy to their interests.

Customer personas should outline the reasons why your ideal customers would buy your product and how they would like to interact with your brand. You should also take into account their preference for communication and marketing methods. For example, some people prefer social media, while others are more likely to look for updates on a daily basis. By using this data, you can create highly targeted ads and better target your customers. Once you have created your customer persona, you can begin generating better marketing results for your company.
Creating a time-based goal

Creating a time-based goal for your social media marketing activities is a great way to stay on track and prioritize your company’s priorities. Moreover, setting a deadline helps you to keep employees focused, giving them something to work toward and a clear schedule to follow. Here are some ways to create a time-based goal for social media marketing:

First, you can use a SMART goal. A SMART goal is one that is relevant, specific, measurable, and time-based. You can set a goal that reflects the complexity of your traffic. A good metric for defining a time-based social media goal would be the number of followers, impressions, and engagements, as well as enquiries and website visits.
Analyzing results

When it comes to social media marketing, analysis is vital. Knowing your audience helps you craft an effective marketing strategy, nurture communities down the funnel, and provide a positive customer experience. Without this knowledge, you will have a difficult time determining which messages resonate with your audience. Fortunately, social media analysis tools can help you do just that. Listed below are three ways to analyze the results of your social media marketing campaigns.

First, define your goals for using social media. For example, if you want to track social media sales, you’ll need to use a different metric than if you’re just trying to increase brand awareness. Once you’ve defined your goals, identify the tools you’ll need to collect your data. Each social media channel has its own analytics tools, but they may not be enough for your needs.

How to Choose the Best iPhone Repair Service Provider



If your iPhone has stopped working, you might want to use Apple’s repair program to get it fixed right away. If not, you should find a reliable third-party repair shop and consider what their prices are before you spend a dime. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the best iPhone repair option for your needs. If you still have questions, check out these tips:
Apple’s iPhone repair program

With the right tools and a comprehensive guide, the Apple Repair Assistance program helps individual technicians diagnose and fix your iPhone or iPad. Apple will also provide you with genuine parts, how-to guides, and tools such as heated display removal fixtures, battery presses, and other tools. You can also recycle damaged parts for cash credits that you can use to get a discount on new ones. But before you get your device repaired at an Apple Store, you should input its serial number first to avoid wasting time and money on unreliable parts.

Apple’s iPhone repair program is easy to follow. The company provides user-friendly repair manuals for select model lineups. This includes the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, as well as the third-generation iPhone SE. Repair manuals can also be found on Apple’s Self Service Repair Store, which offers over 200 parts and tools that will help you perform the necessary repairs. There are two main ways to use the repair program: by visiting an authorized Apple store or by following a tutorial online.

If you live far from an Apple store, the self-service repair program may be for you. But you can also repair your iPhone by mail if you live in an area where Apple doesn’t have an Apple Store. This is a convenient option, especially if you don’t want to pay a high price for a new iPhone. But the real victory will come months or years down the road, when you can tell legislators that Apple tried its best to give the right-to-repair community what it wanted.
Reliable third-party repair shops

The only way to get a high quality iPhone repair is to get it done at a trusted Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP). AASPs use the same genuine parts and techniques as Apple does when fixing your iPhone. However, third-party repair shops can use counterfeit batteries, which can lead to overheating and even fire. Some third-party repair shops have also been accused of misrepresenting their certification and quality control, and the result can be a damaged touchscreen or broken screen glass. For these reasons, it is best to get your iPhone repaired at an Apple Store.

If you can’t send your phone to an Apple Store, you may want to use a third-party repair shop. These are more likely to save your data than Apple does, so you can relax and forget about the inconvenience. Third-party repair services are also more convenient, with walk-in repair options. While Apple’s repair process is more complex than that of a third-party shop, many of these third-party repair services are willing to address issues that are not covered under warranty. They may be able to fix a faulty Wi-Fi antenna, or resurrect a massively damaged iPhone.

There are also other risks involved in using a third-party shop for iPhone repair. While many independent iPhone repair shops are able to offer quality repairs, you should still check to make sure that you’re protected under the warranty. If you’ve purchased an Apple product in the past, you’ll be better off not using a third-party repair shop. However, if your phone is more than a year old, using a third-party repair shop might be the best option for you.

If you own an iPhone, you may be wondering about the cost of an iPhone repair. Apple has stated that its repair costs are outpacing the revenue generated from iPhone repairs since 2009. Apple charges about $1,200 for repairs of the iPhone, while third-party repair shops charge $75. In response, Apple has asked users not to use third-party parts in their iPhones and has installed software to detect if an iPhone is stolen or lost.

Apple also offers repair services for iPhones out of warranty, but you can find an independent repair shop. While Apple stores are closed on COVID-19, Staples is open and offers in-store repairs. There are other independent repair shops in your area, so you should be able to find one. In either case, you can request an upgrade. The cost of iPhone repair depends on your location and the damage to the device.

Newer iPhone models generally have higher repair and replacement costs than older models. For example, replacing the battery on a newer iPhone will cost you $69; replacing the battery on an older model will cost you $49.

AS Gaming UID, Biography Details and More


Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games in India. Free Fire content creators on YouTube have now become quite a few. AS Gaming, also known as Sahil Rana, is one of the popular YouTubers for creating free content, and AS Gaming is from India. Free Fire players across the country are interested in knowing the AS Gaming Free fire ID and its stats. AS Gaming Free Fire ID is 169525329.

Short Biography of AS Gaming

Real Name Sahil Rana
Age 16-23 years old
FF UID 70392909
FreeFire IGN A_S Gaming
Country India
K/D 3.89
Controls 2 Fingure
Current Device iPhone 12 pro max

Social Media Details

YouTube A_S Gaming
Instagram @Sahilrana
2 YouTube Channel A_S Army

AS Gaming has 1039 Booyahs out of 6915 team games played, which equates to a win rate of 15.02%. During these matches, he racked up 17,343 wins and managed a solid K / D ratio of 2.95. YouTuber recorded 5666 kills from 2,122 matches to the duo, which represents an impressive 3.08 K / D ratio. He has secured 281 games, which translates into a commendable win rate of 13.24%.

Finally, in single games, AS Gaming has 180 places in first place out of 1728 games. In this mode, it has eliminated 4,411 enemies and boasts a K / D ratio of 2.85. AS Gaming played 21 team games in season 18 and won 4, securing 41 kills with a K / D ratio of 2.41. Additionally, he played 1 duo match and 8 solo matches. . In the duo match, he only managed to get 1 kill, while in solo matches, he only got one win and collected 30 kills with a K / D ratio of 4.29.

Stats of A_S Gaming

  1. Number of Victories in Squad matches – 1135
  2. Average Damage – 1410
  3. Number of Duo Matches – 2163
  4. Win rate – 15.17%
  5. Number of Kills – 18973
  6. K/D ratio – 2.99
  7. Number of wins in Duo matches – 295
  8. Squad Matches played – 7480
  9. Win rate – 13.63%
  10. Number of Kills in Duo – 5840
  11. K/D ratio – 3.13

AS Gaming Face Reveal

AS Gaming is a well-known Free Fire player and has huge fans on YouTube and other social networks, but he has not yet revealed his real face or her photo on any social network.

Biography of AS Gaming Gamer

AS Gaming’s real name is Sahil Rana. AS Gaming lives in India. Sahil is almost 15-17 years old. From his age, we can estimate that Sahil would be a student from 9-12. Sahil is a player, streamer, and owner of the AS Gaming YouTube channel.

AS Gaming Uid number

AS Gaming’s Uid number is 70392909 and its IGN (in the name of the game) is AS Gaming. She has more than 14.9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and has uploaded more than 654 videos to her YouTube channel.

AS Gaming YouTube channel details

AS Gaming started creating YouTube content as early as January 2019. Since then, it has uploaded a total of 219 videos to its YouTube channel. It has more than 4.61 million subscribers and more than 310 million views combined.

AS Gaming created his YouTube channel on October 26, 2016, but began his YouTube journey on July 4, 2020. In just one year, it has successfully gained over 14.9 million subscribers on its YouTube channel.

AS Gaming Latest video on YouTube

AS Gaming Gamer uploaded nearly 684 videos to their YouTube videos. Sahil has a total of 1 billion video views on her videos on YouTube.

AS Game Views

AS Gaming averages 500,000 – 1.5 million views for each video it uploads. In total, she has over 1 billion video views. Sahil’s estimated daily earnings from YouTube are between $ 500 and $ 1,000. Sahil’s monthly income is between $ 10,000 and $ 50,000. Her net worth is $ 100-200 thousand.

Reality Shifting Methods for Beginners! Genz Manifestation


Reality change is a process in which we guide our consciousness according to our imagination to change our destiny or manipulate it to cross our physical boundaries through mental relaxation and autosuggestion. The understanding of time is no longer linear here; it is a circular ring that is infinite and involves parallel realities that coexist. With this belief, people can use this meditative exercise to explore areas of existence that can be imaginary or non-imaginary and experience them exactly as they do in their current reality.

Raven’s method

Raven’s method of changing reality is to lie down comfortably in a star position and ensure that none of your limbs touch the other. Make sure your body is relaxed and relaxed and that you are at rest. The goal is to constantly count and visualize that you are getting closer and closer to the desired reality. Once you fall asleep and successfully shift your consciousness according to what you have manifested, you are likely to wake up in a parallel world of your choice.

Pillow method

Instead of just a mental picture of what you want to manifest in the desired reality, this method suggests having a complete physical scenario. This scenario can include the names of all the characters you want to see or meet, the string of events you want to experience, and even details such as smells and tastes that can be specified in your scenario. The goal is to place this piece of paper under the pillow before bed or rest and then use this guide to focus on what you want to attract as you move.

Heart rate method

The Heartbeat relocation method uses the power of repetitive, buzzing, and vibrating sounds, such as a heartbeat. The goal is to sleep with the headphones or phone plugged in under a pillow with the sound of a beating heart. The next step is to visualize this sound coming from the chest of a person you trust or want to connect with within your dream world.

Giulia method

Julia’s method of change depends on two words, “I am,” for the whole process. Binaural beats can be used to stimulate the dream state during the process. In a star-like position, start the mantra with the prefix “I am.” Add something to describe the mantra even more meaningfully. Let these mantras be present as if what you are saying has already happened.

ADHD method

While with other methods, the sound is optional. For the ADHD relocation method, the sound is a must. Make sure you are using the correct headphones and look for 8D audio tracks. When you lie down and listen to the sound, choose “I’m going to the desired reality” statements. Try to synchronize your breathing with the sound. After each statement, count from 1 to 5 and repeat. As you synchronize with the sound and affirmation, you will soon begin to feel the symptoms of change. Once the symptoms begin, start visualizing the reality you want to land in, and you’ll be there soon.

Sunni method

The Sunni Displacement method is about visualization. Due to the nature of the method, it is also very close to many people because it helps with manifestation in the physical world. This method involves tricking your brain into thinking you are in a specific situation. It involves convincing your mind by saying that you are already in the desired reality. This can be induced by sounds, perceptions, or simply silence.

Method of intent

This method of changing intention doesn’t place much emphasis on visuals, multiple statements, or any kind of subliminal sound but rather on your mind’s purpose or intent to change. Strong determination and the belief that you can move are enough for the exercise to be effective. However, a key factor to keep in mind is that intention must be thought about or expressed just before falling asleep. For example, you can say: “I intend to move into the desired reality as soon as I fall asleep.” The reason is that the sooner you sleep after setting your goals, the less time your brain has for speculation or doubt.

Estelle method

Estelle’s changing method is suitable for people who love music and can easily combine tones and vibrations. Imagine dancing with your DR character or someone you adore deeply. Choose music that helps you synchronize with the character or person you are dancing with. This person can be your lover, love, friend, or whoever you want. Make sure you feel every sensation in the scene. Air, perfume, and touch.

Mirror method

Moving the mirror method is a visually very broad method. So, this is best for those who are good at visualization. Imagine you are alone in a dark room with a mirror a short distance away. There is only limelight for you. Now slowly move towards the mirror. Inside the mirror, you see your reflection coming toward you. But this reflection shows you exactly how you want your perfect self to be in the dream realm.

Preston Blaine Arsement – Net worth, Bio, Family


Preston Blaine Arsement is a popular YouTuber, born on May 4, 1994, in Texas, United States. Preston is known in the gaming community as “TBNRFrags” and “Preston Playz”. He was nominated for a Kids “Choice Award” in the Favorite Player category.

Preston Bio, in short
Real Name Preston Blaine Arsement
Nick Name Preston
Nationality American
Date of Birth May 4 1994
Age (as in 2021) 27
Work YouTuber
Famous as YouTuber
Birth Place/ Home Place Texas, USA
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Waist 32 inches
Weight Approx. 68 kg (149 lbs.)
Caste Christianity
Education Graduate
Net Worth (as in 2021) $ 20 Million
Achievement He is a top YouTuber
Current relation status Married
Zodiac sign / Star sign Taurus
Father name Under review
Mother name Under review
Sister name Under review
Brother name Under review
Girlfriend name Under review
Wife name Brianna Paige Arsement
Daughter name Under review
Son name Under review
Hobbies Reading Books


Preston Blaine Arsement Net Worth

According to, Preston’s Net Worth is below.

As of 2021, Preston Blaine Arsement Net Worth is $ 20 Million.

Net Worth
Net Worth (as in 2021)  $ 20 Million
Salary (as in 2021) Not Known
Net Worth (as in 2020) $ 20 Million
Salary (as in 2020) Not Known
Monthly Salary Under review
Income Source YouTube
Update Status 2021


Preston Blaine Arsement Family

Preston was born in Texas, United States. The name of Arsement’s mother and father is under Control. Arsement’s brother and sister’s name is Under Control. Preston Blaine Arsement’s wife is Brianna Paige Arsement. In 2012 he started his career on YouTube.

He likes to play games like M Mine craft ‘, Fort Fortnite’ and Rob Roblox. Preston is one of the best players in the gaming community. He is known for his reflexes and his skills.

Preston is the Crown Museum. Besides playing games, he likes to make funny videos. He is one of the best YouTubers on Instagram. Preston was named in the Favorite Players category. He likes to blog for his fans. He has a YouTube channel called “Preston”.

Preston has over 16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. In addition to its main channel, Preston has YouTube channels such as Perst PrestonRoblox ‘, Perst PrestonMinecraft’ and T TBNRfrags’.

His YouTube channel “PrestonRoblox” has over 3 million subscribers. Preston’s YouTube channel called “PrestonMinecraft” has more than 10 million subscribers. His YouTube channel “TBNRfrags” has more than 7 million subscribers. He has played for various top franchises. Preston has over 1 million followers on Instagram. He promotes the “Dunkin” brand on his social club of him.

His first video received nearly 1,093,020 views. At first, she started to have good views on her channel. She invites him to upload more videos. And he posts more videos from Mine craft. He publishes other types of videos to entertain viewers and game videos. One of his favorite videos of him was posted on January 2, 2019, on his YouTube channel titled “5 ways to joke about your brother’s mine craft house!” The video has over 40 million views. The video on his channel calls him, “Eat one food coloring for 24 hours!” It has more than 25 million views.

In addition to his main YouTube channel, he has four other YouTube channels called TBNRFrags, PrestonGamez, PrestonPlayz, and PrestonCosmic. He has excellent feedback from his fans on every channel, which makes him a hit on other YouTube gaming channels. He posts videos of his duties on his TBNRFrags, although he currently mostly includes the Fortnite game. It was basically his main channel since it launched about a year and a half ago, on November 29, 2010.

PrestonGamez is his Roblox channel, formerly PrestonRoblox. He is now posting content for Roblox on the channel but may have started posting more games since he renamed the channel from PrestonRoblox to PrestonGamez.

PrestonPlayz is his Mine craft channel, formerly PrestonMinecraft. He has posted videos for Mine craft Pocket Edition on this channel and often posted his friend Logdotzip, but now he also posts videos from Java Edition. PrestonCosmic is his video publishing channel on his CosmicPvP Mine craft server. But he rarely posts videos on the channel. However, he got a good response.


PrestonPlayz is a famous social media figure and works on various media sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. However, he doesn’t have a Facebook account. Check out @prestonplayz on Instagram, and have gained thousands of fans. Likewise, there were more than 1.8 million followers on her @Preston Twitter account. In addition to the main YouTube channel, it operates four YouTube channels. There were over 17.4 million subscribers on his channel through his main Preston Youtube channel. More than 7.31 million TBNRFrag subscribers, 3.34 million PrestonGamez subscribers, 10.5 million PrestonPlayz subscribers and 530,000 PrestonCosmic subscribers have been acquired.

How to Install HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV?


HBO has now brought its best version in the form of HBO MAX. HBO Max users have access to the latest shows, movies, and series. In addition, users can find older shows and favorite movies around the world. Users can access HBO Max on a variety of devices except for Amazon and Roku.
Users can access HBO Max via side loading or APK. Users can install the HBO Max app without needing apstore. The user can download and install the HBO Max APK file. Users can also install it using a USB flash drive. Before starting the process, the user should make some changes to the settings. Keep reading:
Step 1:
Initially, the user must go to “settings.”
Step 2:
Then the user should select “device.”
Step 3:
Click on “Information” and then select “Network.”
Step 4:
The user must verify and enter the IP address.
Step 5:
Next, select the developer option.
Step 6: The user must confirm that ABD debugging and applications from unknown sources are active on Vizio Smart TV.


The user should purchase a computer.
Then open a web browser in it.
The user should now open the Google Play Store.
Users should look for HBO Max.
Once the user finds it, they must open the information page.
The user should then click on the green “Install” button.
The user will now be redirected to open a “Google Account.”
Users will see a window with different device names.
Then the user must select the Vizio smart TV and enter it with the name and IP address.
The user will find a pop-up window with the information that the application will be installed on the smart TV.
Then the user should click “OK.”
The user must turn on the Vizio smart TV to complete the HBO Max installation process.


The user should first find the HBO Max apk file (note that it is from a trusted source).
Then the user should download the HBO Max APK file from the browser.
The user should now copy it to the USB drive.
The user must then connect the USB to the USB port of the Vizio smart TV.
The user has to open the “My files” application and open the USB flash drive.
Here, find the HBO Max apk file and select it.
The user must then click “install.”
The installation process starts immediately.
Once the process is complete, HBO Max should be running on Vizio Smart TV.
The user has to click on “settings.”
Then select the “applications” menu.
Next, the user has to click on “Manage installed applications.”
Locate the HBO Max app installed with the APK file.
Then click on the “run application” option found.
The user will find that the HBO Max installation process is complete.


The user must first turn on the Vizio smart TV.
Now the user has to get the iPhone or Apple device installed with HBO Max.
Users should ensure a working WiFi
Also, the user must connect all devices to the same WiFi.
The user must open the HBO Max application. The user must then select a video.
Then select the “Airplay Icon” displayed at the top of the screen.
Now the user should be careful when choosing the Vizio smart TV from available sources.
The user should be able to stream on Vizio smart TV by providing access.
The user thus discovers that HBO MAX is a screencast on Vizio’s smart TV.


Step 1:
The user must first turn on the Vizio smart TV.
Step 2:
Then turn on your Android or iOS device.
Step 3:
Then the user should connect all devices to the same WiFi.
Step 4:
Now the user has to install the HBO Max application on it using the application store.
Step 5:
Then log into the application and have it ready to stream.
Step 6:
The user must now click on the “Cast” icon displayed at the top of the Android or iOS device.
Step 7:
And then, select the device name, which is the name of the Vizio smart TV.
Step 8:
User must allow HBO MAX to be sent to Vizio Smart TV.
Step 9: The user can watch the screencast on the Vizio smart TV.

Bottom line

Users can access the HBO Max app on Vizio Smart TV via on-screen broadcast. Users can achieve this via Airplay, Chromecast, and many other devices. Vizio smart TV users have the biggest advantage. Since users have found that Vizio Smart TV has a built-in Chromecast, which is now known as Smartcast, therefore, no additional set up is required.
Enjoy HBO MAX and stream huge content on Vizio Smart TV.

Where is Byron Yawn now?


Byron Yawn is not only a former pastor but also a well-known entrepreneur. He is famously known as the CEO of “Forrest Crain and Co.” This is a consulting company in Tennessee. Even though his exact date of birth is unknown, it has been estimated that he was born between 1976-1981 in Mississippi in the United States. Before knowing him more, let’s dive into his recent scandals and lawsuits.

Accusation and lawsuits

He became viral when the famous baseball player Ben Zobrist in Chicago filed not one but two lawsuits against him. These lawsuits claimed that he had an affair with his wife, Julianna Zobrist. He was also accused of fraud entailing Zobrist’s charity. 

Two-times World Series champion Ben Zobrist took four months of leave from the Chicago Cubs during 2019, so he could resolve his marriage problems. Since he lost $8 million for that season, he claimed to seek $6 million in damages from Byron. Thereby, this is how the connection between the damages and affair was made in the court.

Ben and Julianna had been married since 2005. They also have three children. Nonetheless, Zobrist found out about the alleged affair in June of 2020. Due to this, he filed the case and pressed the charges against Byron. The fundamental reasons for pressing charges also include more reasons given below.

Ben had donated a huge sum of money to the Community Bible Church, in which Byron was the pastor. He also paid $15,000 to Byron’s family for a pastoral trip as per some news outlets. 

Not only this, but the lawsuit also claims that Byron often capitalized on the celebrity’s fame. This is due to him asking Ben to sign autographs for his family members, including his mother-in-law. He also requested Ben for the tickets to baseball games apart from asking him to host a ‘Guys Night Out’ for the church at his house. Moreover, he asked Mr. Zobrist for personal videos for parishioners being baptized at his church. Not only this, but he also nominated the baseball player as the deacon of the church. This can be linked to the reason for the attraction and retention of parishioners.

Julianna claimed that Ben was guilty

After Ben filed the suit, Julianna accused him of being guilty of their failed marriage. However, this claim is absurd, as per Ben’s attorney Helen S. Roger. She says that the affair had caused Ben mental distress. She also mentioned that Julianna coaxed Ben to return to the MLB when he was not ready for it. The lawyer claimed that the cheating of Mrs. Zobrist also affected Mr. Zobrist’s career growth and prospects.

As per reports, Julianna is after the 2016 World Series MVP and two-time World Series champion for USD 4 million. Nonetheless, Ben took a hiatus after the affair since it impacted his mental health negatively, causing him to lose $8 million. This is because he signed a $12 million deal while playing for only two months.

After the case had been filed, Julianna filed a claim of owning at least half of the assets. Yet, Ben is arguing for a 60-40 split of assets since Julianna had overspent their estate by at least $691,602.86.

Moving towards Byron’s personal details, his education details are not disclosed yet. However, it is known that he did BA in History and Doctorate in Public Communication from Mississippi College.

Current relationship status

Byron is currently married to his high school lover, Robin Yawn. Even though their exact date of marriage has not been revealed, it is known that they have three children together, Lauren, Wade, and Blake. His wife now knows about the affair. She works at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Neuromuscular Division, as a Nurse Case Manager.

His body measurements

Byron is 5 feet 8 inches (172.72 cm) tall. He weighs around 75 kg (165 lbs). Apart from this, his body measurements are 44-32-19 inches. The color of his eyes is dark brown, which is the same color as his hair. He is said to be a fit person since he exercises regularly.

Net Worth

It has been estimated that his net worth is valued at around $2 to $3 million. This huge sum of money is deemed to come through his own business. Even though we are not aware of his social media handles as of yet, we will try our best to update you regarding this as soon as possible.

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Havana Bleu


Havana Bleu Net Worth, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Biography and More

Havana Bleu is an American Actress. She was born on August 25, 1998, in the United States. She is well known for working in the A industry. 

Since A industry considers the features of a person, let’s discuss Havana’s. She is 22 years old. Her height is estimated to be 5 feet 6 inches. She has been featured on covers of various magazines. She loves to travel to different places. This can be inferred by her travels posts on her social media accounts. Due to her career and influential profiles on social media, she is the Brand ambassador for many big names in the market.

Havana Bleu Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Salary, Movies, Family, Boyfriend, Husband, Income, Kids, Father, Biography, and More.


Bio in short
Full Name Havana Bleu
Nick Name Havana
Nationality United State
Date of Birth

Age (as in 2021)

August 25, 1998


Work A Industry
Famous as A Industry
Birth Place


Florida, United States

Florida, United States

Height Feet: 5 feet 06 inches
Centimeters: 170 CM.
Meters: 1.70 M.
Waist 30 inches
Weight Approx 55 kg
(121 lbs)
Caste Under review
Education Under review
Net worth (as in 2021)  $ 20  Million
Achievement 1) She is the Brand ambassador of the multiple brands
Current relation status Single
Zodiac sign / Star sign Virgo
Family Father name: Under review
Mother name: Under review
Sister name: Under review
Brother name: Under review
Husband name: Under review
Son: N.A.
Daughter: N.A.
Hobbies Traveling, Shopping

Net Worth

The Net worth of Havan Bleu had been estimated to be around $20 million in the year 2021. Her net worth in previous years has been provided in the table below:

Havana Bleu Net Worth
Net Worth in 2021 $ 20 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $ 20 Million
In 2019 Net Worth $ 15 Million
In 2018 Net Worth $ 15 Million
Salary Monthly $ 50000
Income Source A Industry
Income Verified Status Not Verified.


Note: The above-mentioned figures are just an estimate. Havana Bleu has never revealed her true income.


Family and Affairs/ Bf

Havana was born in Florida, United States. The names of her brother, father, mother, and sister are still under review. In addition to this, no one knows the name of her boyfriend. Nonetheless, she is deemed to be single as per various sources. This is due to the fact that she is known to focus on her career.

Biography/Interesting Fact

Some of the interesting facts about Havana Bleu are mentioned in the list below:

  • She is an American actress, famously known for working in the A industry.
  • She was born in Florida, United States.
  • Havana is 22 years old. 
  • She is 5 ft 06 inches tall.
  • She has been featured on many Covers of magazines.
  • She has earned a well-known name in the ‘A Industry’.
  • She is the Brand ambassador of many Big Brands.
  • She loves making unique concept videos.
  • She has a bold personality.
  • She is fond of making ‘Instagram reels.’
  • She is a fashion influencer.
  • She is claimed to be a foodie.
  • She stands out differently from the other influencers present online due to her promoting multiple brands.
  • She has more than 194k followers.
  • She is very particular about her diet and gym activities.
  • She is known to be the face of the top brands.
  • She is a fitness freak. You may find different fitness posts on her social accounts.
  • She loves Dogs.
  • She loves to drink coffee.
  • As mentioned above as well, she promotes various brands on her social account.
  • She likes photography. 

Social Profile

She has social media profiles on the following platforms: